Tesla Car

Tesla Car Hacked Remotely Without Any User Interaction

Two researchers have shown how a Tesla — and probably other cars — can be remotely hacked without the involvement of the operator. They...

GitHub Wants to Update its Policies Regarding Security Research

The cybersecurity community is unhappy with the planned changes to GitHub's policies about security testing, vulnerabilities, and malware. On proposed clarifications about exploits and malware...

Officials Announced Albany-Area School District is Investigating a Malware Attack

Officials from an Albany-area school district have launched an investigation into a malware attack that pushed students in grades 7 through 12 into all-remote...

The Emotet Botnet Cleanup Operation is Completed with the Uninstall Command

On April 25, law enforcement agencies delivered an update that triggered an uninstall process to roughly one million computers, allowing them to be free...

Trend Micro Observed Malware Botnet Targeting Linux Systems

According to new research from anti-malware vendor Trend Micro, a recently discovered malware botnet targeting Linux systems is employing many of the evolving techniques...

QNAP Systems to Remove Malware from Infected NAS Devices

Following a series of ransomware attacks, QNAP Systems, a manufacturer of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances, has confirmed that it is working urgently to find...

Cellebrite’s Mobile Device Analysis Products Can Be Hacked: Signal

According to Signal, a privacy-focused messaging service, Cellebrite's forensic apps lack the sort of security safeguards one might expect from parsing software, making them...
Google Chrome browser

Google Shipped Another Urgent Security Patch for its Dominant Chrome Browser

Late Tuesday, Google released another critical security patch for its famous Chrome browser, warning that attackers are actively exploiting one of the zero-day vulnerabilities. This...
Secretive Court’s Work

Supreme Court to Give the Public Access to Opinions of the Secretive Court’s Work

Civil liberties organisations have petitioned the Supreme Court to make decisions of the secretive court that oversees bulk email collection, warrantless internet searches, and...

Multiple Vulnerabilities in the OpENer Stack Could Be Exploited in Attacks

Attacks on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and other industrial systems that use OpENer may take advantage of several vulnerabilities in the OpENer...