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Nigerian Arrested in US For Hacking into User Accounts at a Payroll Processing Company

A Nigerian national was recently detained in the United States on allegations of stealing payroll deposits by hacking into user accounts at a payroll processing company. Charles Onus, 34, was arrested on April 14 in San Francisco for his role in a conspiracy that resulted in the breach of about 5,500 user accounts at an undisclosed human…

Hacker Remotely Increased Sodium Hydroxide Levels in Florida City Water Supply

A remote breach of a Florida city’s water plant is being investigated by U.S. law enforcement officials, advising that hackers attempted to poison the water system serving nearly 15,000 people. On February 5th, the hack was spotted—and neutralized—in real time by workers at a plant that provides water to Oldsmar, a small town near…

Thousands of Government User Accounts in Canada Hacked During Cyber Attacks

Thousands of online government services user accounts in Canada have recently been compromised during cyber-attacks, authorities said Saturday. The attacks targeted the GCKey program, used in a press release by some 30 federal departments and Canada Revenue Agency accounts, the Secretariat of the Treasury Board of Canada explained. The…
CMD Commands Hacks & Tricks 2020 img-5sdf

Top 7 Amazing CMD Commands Hacks & Tricks 2020

Are you looking for a CMD command? Don’t think about that! I got your back. In this article, you ‘re going to get the best list of CMD commands. In this article, I’m going to share some cool cmd command prompts that you can use to hack wifi passwords. The command prompt will function on Windows 7, 8, and 10. And here…

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