Campaign Staffs of Biden and Trump Recently Targeted by Foreign Hackers

Campaign staff for both President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden have recently been targeted by foreign hackers, Google researchers said Thursday, highlighting...
Data breach

Employees’ Retirement System of San Francisco Disclosed Data Breach

This week the San Francisco Employees' Retirement System (SFERS) revealed a data breach that affected more than 70,000 of its members. The incident, SFERS reveals,...
ComRAT Malware

A New Version of the ComRAT Malware

An modified version of the ComRAT malware that was used in recent attacks by Russia-linked cyber-espionage threat actor Turla will connect to Gmail to...

UK Looks Back on Huawei ‘s Involvement in 5G Networks

Reports from London over the weekend said the UK government is expected to backtrack on its January decision to allow Huawei to become active...
Sophos Firewall

Hackers Tried to Exploit Sophos Firewall ‘s Zero-Day Flaw

Hackers tried two methods in Sophos' XG firewall to exploit a zero-day vulnerability but Sophos claims it made a temporary patch that mitigated the...

Hackers Leaked Millions of Personal Data in Dark Web

According to online intelligence company Cyble, cyber criminals have posted personal data of 29 million job-seeking Indians on one of the hacking sites on...

Hackers Targeting WordPress Sites Running the OneTone theme to Exploit a Vulnerability

Hackers actively target WordPress sites that operate with OneTone theme to exploit a vulnerability that enables them to read and write site cookies and...

Shade Ransomware Shutdown and Releases Decryption Keys

The Shade ransomware developers on Monday announced that they had discontinued operations and released public decryption keys to allow victims to recover files free...
Maze Ransomware

Ransomware Gangs Keep Changing their Targets to the Ongoing Virus Crisis

The pandemic of coronavirus forced most organizations to focus on how they function. And it now seems like even cybercrooks and ransomware gangs have...
Email phishing

83 Coronavirus-Related Cyber Criminal Phishing and Scam Websites have been Taken Down

Just one day after the National Cyber Security Center launches Suspicious email monitoring services, 83 cybercriminal websites have been taken down. More than 80 phishing...