Two Laced Ransomware Gems Discovered in the RubyGems Repository

Recently, the RubyGems hosting service removed two Ruby gems that were found to pack malware capable of running persistently on infected machines. The two gems, pretty-color and ruby-bitcoin, contained Windows machine-targeting malware that was intended...

Let’s Figure Out Where Are the Best Rates for Crypto

Today, there are so many online and offline places to buy cryptocurrency. The good news is that in the last few months, a huge amount of new investment has been made across the crypto...
Government staff mine cryptocurrency

Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday: Does Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper Still Hold Relevance?

Introduction While some of you might be wondering how is it Bitcoin’s 10th birthday when Satoshi Nakamoto created the same in 2008, I would like to point to the significance of the year 2010 for...
Crypto currency

Does Inflation Determine The Price Of Bitcoins: What You Need To Know

Introduction Traditional financial systems and currencies the world over are criticized for a number of reasons. Being so integrated into the political, social, and economic systems, modern-day traditional currencies are prone to volatilities and changes. You...

Is The US Government The Biggest Holder Of Bitcoins In The World?

Introduction For a very long time, there was an open secret in the Cryptocurrency world, which no one was daring to ask or raise. Even though most people knew about it, they preferred to keep...