Security Awareness Training

What Is Security Awareness Training?

If you care about the protection of your files, security awareness training is a must. Firewalls, vulnerability testing, email spam filters, and other cybersecurity tools...
DDoS Attack

By 2020-2028, The Demand for DDoS Security Software Will Be on the Rise

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a malicious form of attack that disrupts normal network traffic by flooding the server with more traffic than...

U.S Citizens to Seek Monetary Damages if Cyber-Attacks by Foreign Threat Actors

A bill introduced in the House of Representatives this week will encourage US people to claim punitive damages if they are harmed in any...
Series C funding round

Cyber Insurance Provider Corvus Raised $100 Million in a Series C Funding Round

Corvus, a cyber insurance company, revealed on Wednesday that it had raised $100 million in a Series C funding round. The company has raised...

CEO of FireEye: Unusual for China, a Reckless Microsoft Hack

China has also been criticised for a breach that exposed tens of thousands of servers running Microsoft's Exchange email service to the risk of...

What Is a Trojan Horse in Computer Terms?

Have you ever wondered, "What is a trojan horse?" or "What does the term "trojan horse" mean in the context of computers?" That's most...

Top 7 Information Security Threats

About everybody has had the stomach-churning terror of being hacked at some time in their lives. And, ideally, it's nothing more than a fleeting...

An Overview on Firewalls

Dealing with a public data breach or some form of a hack is one of the greatest headaches an organisation can face. IBM reports...

Armorblox Startup- Take Another Stab To Protect Email From Cyberattacks

ANALYSIS OF NEWS — The corporate inbox appears to be a lucrative destination for malicious hackers more than 17 years after the famous announcement...
DDoS Attack

Different Types of Cyber Attacks

Types of Cyber Attacks That Cybercriminals Use Phishing Attacks Scammers pose as reputable institutions in phishing attacks to trick consumers into taking acts that end up...