8 companies’ 127 million user records are on sale in the dark web


The same person sold 620 million user accounts earlier this week from 16 other companies. An individual who sold 620 million user records stolen from 16 companies earlier this week has now put together a second batch of hacked data from eight companies totaling 127 million.

The data is currently being sold on the Dream Market, a dark web market where crooks sell a variety of illegal products, such as data on users, drugs, weapons, malware and others.

The person who sells the data is called Gnosticplayers, and it is currently unclear whether he/she has hacked the 24 companies or just a third party who has bought the data from the real hacker and is now re-selling it for a greater profit.

According to the tech news site TechCrunch, which first reported on the sale of this new batch of hacked accounts on the Dream Market, Gnosticplayers are asking for approximately four bitcoins, which are approximately $14,500 in fiat. Prices vary according to user data quality and the difficulty of cracking password hashes. This second batch of hacked accounts contains data from:

Image credit: ZDnet

  • Ge.tt (file sharing service) – 1.83 million accounts – 0.16 bitcoin
  • Ixigo (travel and hotel booking) – 18 million accounts – 0.262 bitcoin
  • Roll20.net (gaming) – 4 million accounts – 0.0582 bitcoin
  • Houzz (interior design) – 57 million accounts – 2.91 bitcoin
  • Coinmama (cryptocurrency exchange) – 420,000 accounts – 0.3497 bitcoin
  • Younow (live streaming) – 40 million accounts – 0.131 bitcoin
  • StrongHoldKingdoms (gaming) – 5 million accounts – 0.291 bitcoin
  • Petflow (pet food delivery) – 1 million – 0.1777 bitcoin

Houzz had already cleaned up his data breach from the companies listed above last week. Before today’s ads were published, the other seven companies did not publicly reveal any security breaches.

This new batch of stolen databases comes after the same user from Dream Market sold 16 other companies earlier this week:

  1. Dubsmash – 162 million
  2. MyFitnessPal – 151 million
  3. MyHeritage – 92 million
  4. ShareThis – 41 million
  5. HauteLook – 28 million
  6. Animoto – 25 million
  7. EyeEm – 22 million
  8. 8fit – 20 million
  9. Whitepages – 18 million
  10. Fotolog – 16 million
  11. 500px – 15 million
  12. Armor Games – 11 million
  13. BookMate – 8 million
  14. CoffeeMeetsBagel – 6 million
  15. Artsy – 1 million
  16. DataCamp – 700,000

Animoto, MyFitnessPal and MyHeritage reported breaches last year. DataCamp, 500px, and CoffeeMeetsBagel confirmed this week that they were also violated, giving the seller’s joy that this is real data and not just a scam.

These 16 databases are now out of stock. Gnosticplayers said he took them down after buyers complained that a prolonged sale would eventually lead to some of these databases being leaked online and available to everyone.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.