After Hackers Foiled Plans For An “Augmented Reality” Launch


After hackers thwarted preparations for a “augmented reality” debut, the Williams team unveiled the latest Formula One car on Friday, unveiling a livery inspired by its “all-conquering cars of the 1980s and 1990s.”

The British team is in its first full season under the management of Dorilton Capital, a US-based investment company.

“A bold new visual identity sporting a livery influenced by Williams’ all-conquering vehicles of the 1980s and 1990s, blending blue, white, and yellow accents,” according to the FW43B car.

Williams had hoped to show the car via a virtual reality interface, but she scrapped the idea because the app had been stolen before it went live.

The team decided to give fans an innovative launch “during this tough moment when it is unfortunately not easy to introduce in-person interactions directly to our fans.” We can only express our regret for not being able to do so.”

As George Russell and Nicholas Latifi take to the track for the season-opening Grand Prix in Bahrain on March 28, Williams will be hoping to turn it around.

In the last two seasons, the team has finished at the bottom of the constructors’ table, with just one point separating Robert Kubica’s 10th-place finish in 2019.

Williams Racing has forged a legacy of excellence through sheer persistence and grit intertwined with creativity, enthusiastic and skilled racecraft, and an overwhelming commitment to succeed, according to chief executive Jost Capito in a tweet.

The livery “acknowledges our amazing history and maintains the spirit, drive, and inspiration that remains at the heart of Williams’ DNA when looking to the future and signposting our long-term desire to return to the front of the grid,” according to Capito.

The latest look, according to Russell, has a “hinge of tradition.”

In a video posted on the team’s Twitter account, the 23-year-old British driver said, “Overall, I think it’s thrilling and I think that’s the team at the moment — new management, new look, new name, and it’s the start of a new beginning.”

Melina Richardson
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