All You Need to Know About Oracle EBS Automation

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RMM Automation Tools

EBS is a set of applications that are developed by Oracle corporation. It is used for critical businesses to automate the business processes, such as supply chains, finance, budgeting, etc., to ensure the working of the EBS system. Organizations must look for its implementation. Though Oracle EBS has many advantages for an enterprise, the automation process helps maintain reliability, scalability, etc. The Oracle EBS test automation is one of the best ways to implement the EBS. Migration of EBS to Oracle cloud is quite daunting, but proper strategy and tools can help achieve this task better.

Overview of oracle EBS

EBS comprises a huge set of applications developed by Oracle corporation. The EBS was designed to help wide-ranging businesses as it is beneficial in lowering costs, better decision-making, etc. The EBS is developed to automate CRM, SCM, and ERP.

Implementation of Oracle EBS Automation

The technique of using automated tools and scripts to test the functionality of EBS applications is called Oracle EBS test automation. The use of automated tools simulates the interaction of the user with the application. It validates the outcomes to ensure whether the application is working in accordance with prior established needs. The use of test automation in the implementation of EBS improves the quality application.

Furthermore, automated tools identify and fix the bugs in the early phase of the development cycle and thus increase efficiency. The use of automation testing reduces the amount of manual testing required. To better innovate and integrate technology in businesses, automation testing focuses on the main attributes, such as reliability, scalability, usability, etc., that are a must for the desired product.

Benefits of Test Automation in Oracle EBS

There are numerous benefits of having Oracle EBS test automation that is given below:

  • It provides the ability to test the entire end-to-end business process
  • The use of automation testing handles the issues of undertaking and over testing, which is a major issue in manual testing.
  • The automation of EBS supports the business from unnecessary risk as it also supports risk-based testing
  • Automation testing reduces human intervention, which helps in the reduction of cost, effort, and time
  • Through automation tools, the same test case suits can be executed repeatedly to minimize the chances of error and improve the quality of the application
  • It takes much less time compared to manual testing. As it takes less time, so the development team can focus on other important tasks
  • The advanced automated tools increase the efficiency as they can also execute the test cases parallelly or in the background
  • Multiple test cases can also be executed or executed which increases the speed
  • With the Oracle EBS test automation, bug and error fixing can be done easily and quickly

Well-Known Tools of Automation

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS)

It is Oracle’s tools that are helping people to automate their testing. EBS and OATS are Oracle’s products, and they become compatible with each other. It also comes built-in with oracle applications and eases the setup and design process. It has a few limitations, like it will allow you to automate the oracle and web-based products.


It is one of the well-known tools that helps all users, whether they have technical abilities or not. Email, SMStesting, free forever public version, and web+Mobile+API steps in one test are some of the significant features of this tool.


It is a mobile device testing platform that provides script-based and scriptless test automation capabilities. Moreover, the frameworks such as Espresso, Appium, and XCTest are fully supported by Kobiton. Easy integration, device lab management, and Kobiton’s Appium Anywhere technology are some of the features of this tool.


To maintain reliable browser, API, and mobile web tests, mabi provides the end-to-end solution. Some features of this tool are auto-healing, low-code UI test design, etc.


A code-based automation tool that is free and highly popular for various reasons. It consists of several tools that allow organizations to perform parallel tests. Since it is a code-based tool, coding becomes necessary to set up and maintain the test.


Opkey is a well-known platform for automation testing. It provides a test automation tool that helps to accelerate the migration, implementation, and upgradation. Also, the test automation tool of Opkey certifies the upgrades and cuts down the annual effort by 80%.

Moreover, Opkey is explicitly built for Oracle EBS test automation that de-risks the EBS to OCI migration projects through continuous and end-to-end EBS testing.


EBS was developed to support global business problems, such as supply chain management, budgeting, financials, etc. With time, there is a need to integrate new-age technologies in order to survive in the market.

The Oracle EBS test automation is a well-known way to implement it effectively. If you want to upgrade your business operations and streamline them in the direction of automation, check out the website of Opkey.

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