Are Playstation 5 Still Hard to Get?

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Two years since Sony (SONY) first introduced the PlayStation 5, it remains one of the hardest consumer tech products to buy. Due to factors including COVID-19 pandemic, shipping issues and scalpers making purchasing the console difficult in stores.

There are some steps you can take to increase your odds of procuring a PS5 this holiday season.

It’s Still Hard To Get

Two years since its release, Sony’s PlayStation 5 remains one of the hardest consumer tech products to acquire. A global chip shortage that began around 2020 combined with unprecedented demand has rendered it almost impossible for gamers to purchase this console and its accompanying games.

That may change soon enough, however. Many retailers have recently relaxed their PS5 stock policies in an attempt to speed up delivery to consumers more rapidly; Target now permits stores like its to sell any PlayStation 5s they have in-stock without reserving any for online orders and make purchasing the device simpler for gamers who may not wish to wait.

Amazon also recently changed their invitation system to make purchasing a PlayStation 5 simpler, allowing people without an Amazon Prime membership to add themselves to a list for quicker purchasing processes. Furthermore, the company started selling a bundle containing both components at an even lower cost than buying each separately.

Some stores are taking steps to deter scalpers, who purchase all available consoles in their area and resell them at a premium. GameMartz in Singapore provides players who trade-in their old consoles with them a discount off their purchase of a PS5. This helps deter scalpers from buying up all available stock locally and listing it online for sale at a profit.

PS5 availability issues extend well beyond retailers; even its supply chain has become disorganized due to cryptocurrency mining activities which has put extra strain on semiconductor supplies already straining to meet demand.

As chip production resumes, PS5 restocks could increase at Walmart and Amazon if you are willing to wait it out and keep checking listings for it on those sites; otherwise you may have to rely on third-party sellers or retailer membership programs which may provide consoles as soon as they become available.

Amazon’s Invitation System Could Help

Amazon might offer you an avenue to purchase a PlayStation 5 in the US if you’re trying to obtain one, with their recently unveiled invitation system for their restocks of this console helping fend off scalpers and prevent their services. People can request an invite when it’s back in stock; according to TechCrunch this invitation may depend on factors like order history and when their account was created.

Amazon says they will take this measure in order to prevent bots from purchasing all consoles at once and selling them for greater profits, and make the system fairer for people trying to obtain one. This marks the first time this type of system has been tried at Amazon.

This invite-only program will only apply to products with limited inventory and high demand, such as PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles and products, initially. In time it could expand further.

Finding a PS5 in the US will now be much simpler with Amazon’s new system for purchasing consoles: when PS5 consoles are in stock, Amazon will send an invite link directly to those invited allowing 72 hours for them to buy the console before it goes elsewhere – though Amazon will examine those requesting an invite carefully to ensure they’re genuine buyers and not bots or automated scripts.

At this stage, it remains uncertain if or when this system will solve current console supply issues. With many retailers still having difficulty keeping enough PS5 consoles on hand at any one time, keeping an eye on CNET’s PS5 Restock Tracker might provide opportunities to buy one when available.

Other purchasing options for Sony consoles include contacting them directly and purchasing it at Currys in the UK; the latter keeps multiple consoles in stock at all times and sells bundles that include extra games; however, finding these bundles at other stores could prove more difficult due to them selling out quickly.

Purchasing a Console as a Bundle

Since 2020, finding a PlayStation 5 has proven challenging for many. Sony (SNE) has struggled to meet demand due to worldwide semiconductor shortages; when stocks do appear they quickly sell out.

Now it appears the PlayStation5 shortage may finally be at an end. According to Sony’s gaming boss Jim Ryan, there will be enough stock available globally through the holidays and that supply issues should be resolved going forward.

Ryan didn’t specify whether this meant that PS5 would be made available globally, but his optimistic statement is certainly promising. Furthermore, there has been no full resolution of the PS5 shortage and scalpers have still managed to sell their copies at higher than normal prices on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Buying a PS5 without supporting scalpers or waiting for an invite system? One effective strategy would be purchasing it as part of a bundle from retailers like Walmart or GameStop, where discounted PS5 bundles come complete with new games at a discounted price. These bundles may be useful if you already know which game interests you or simply want to explore its HDR capabilities.

Consider purchasing directly from Sony instead. While the PS5 may currently be unavailable online, Sony promises delivery before Christmas for orders made before Dec. 14. You’ll find multiple configurations and colors of PS5 available to purchase on Sony’s website; be sure to read reviews prior to making your decision!

Not to forget, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S consoles also compete for your gaming dollars; depending on your needs and preferences either could be the right system.

Purchasing a Console Directly from Sony

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has long been one of the hardest consumer tech products to obtain, as its availability was often unpredictable and its stock sold out almost instantaneously when available. Acquiring one required either being at just the right place at just the right time or paying higher-than-usual prices from scalpers or third-party sellers.

Lately, however, PS5 supply issues have begun to ease up considerably. Restocks can be found regularly at retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target GameStop and PlayStation Direct; furthermore several major gaming stores are now offering bundles containing accessories and games in addition to the console for an affordable way of purchasing it all at once.

If you’re planning to buy a PlayStation 5 this holiday season, it is crucial that you plan ahead. Register for restock alerts both at physical locations and online retailers that you plan to shop from; refresh their websites frequently as most will let you know as soon as a PS5 is in stock with an alert; however they may release them gradually to prevent bots from quickly taking one from stock. In addition to that, create accounts and save payment information at major retail websites so you can get it as soon as they become available.

Though the PS5 is now more accessible, you might still wish to wait for the next iteration of console. Due to be released sometime between 2023-2024, early reports indicate it will fix some of its drawbacks such as Quick Resume’s bug which prevents it from returning to its last saved point.

At present, it would be wisest to opt for the PS5 if you want to play games on cutting-edge hardware. This console has proven extremely popular and its availability should continue to expand in coming months. Just keep in mind that shortages of semiconductor chips could continue well into 2024 making electronics purchases like PS5 challenging until these issues have been addressed.

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