Are video slots related to video games?

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You’d be forgiven for mistaking a slot game for a video game as many of the 3D slots and video slots are more akin to video games than classic slot games. Thanks to advancements in technology bringing us HD graphics, smooth game play, immersive soundtracks and exceptional animations, players can have a gaming experience unlike anything experienced before in online casinos. Many gamer who enjoy video games have now started to play video slots as they offer an experience similar to video games and multiple popular video games have now been recreated as slot games so players can enjoy the best of both worlds – click to find more video slots.

Many land-based and online casinos have worked hard to adapt in a bid to attract the younger demographic of slot players to their casinos floors and casinos sites and creating skill-based video game style slots have been at the center of their plan to diversify.

It’s no surprise that young people are still visiting casinos hot spots like Las Vegas in large numbers for stag and hen parties and birthday celebrations, but it has still been a challenge for casinos to get young players to spend more of their time gambling on casinos floors and less time in bars and nightclubs.

The introduction of skill-based slot games

In 2016 there was big changes to the slot industry when both the state of Nevada and New Jersey passed legislation which meant that casinos could use slots which had skill-based features and this was a turning point for the slot industry. This means that slots could now be more interactive than ever before and could be designed more like video games, branching off from traditional slot games which cannot be influenced by a player’s skill. This has led to many more young players starting to play video slots.

It’s not only the slot themed which have changed to look more like video games but when stepping into a physical casino slot machines even look more like video game machines than traditional slots. With plasma screens and technology which reflect young players demand for slots which are more like video games. The introduction of slot which recreate video games has expanded the reach of gambling to the gaming generation, creating exhilarating slot games that resonate with players which have grown up in the digital age.

Video games like Call of Duty have already been recreated as a video slot for players to enjoy so they can win money whilst on a military mission to defeat the enemy, taking slot game narratives and immersive story lines to a whole new level. Video games like Call of Duty have even been the inspiration for parody video slots like Call of Fruity which has proven to be an extremely popular game, with various fruits dressed up as soldiers! Video game inspired slots have been welcomed with open arms and even casinos were shocked by just how much of a success they have been, showing how importance exceptional graphics and skill-based games are to younger generations.

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