AVG Anti-Virus versus Pc Matic Best Comparison

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Any ardent computer or mobile phone user’s number one priority remains antivirus protection. Antivirus security provides your computers with insurance from spyware and malware threats and any unauthorized software to increase the efficiency and reliability of your phones.

There is a variety of antivirus software available at any given time for a person to pick. It is cautious to take your time and consider the available options while you are searching for the perfect antivirus. In the following paragraphs we compare two antivirus software: AVG and Pc Matic, which under different parameters are growing to be better each year, including:


Both software is produced by renowned companies that have heavily invested in computer security. Pc Matic is a product of the PC Pitstop Company, a company that is proud of its full based in the US and boasts a vibrant program-based production system.

AVG antivirus, on the other hand, is manufactured by AVG Technologies, a Chelmsford, MA company.


The AVG antivirus is built with robust functionality, as shown by many antivirus reviews such as the Cloudwards AVG test. The AVG software has a generous system that provides simple malware protection. In addition to this fundamental feature, AVG has several lucrative additional features.

For example, the program has monitoring capabilities to scan anything you upload and ensure that virus-infected data are not uploaded to your device ever. It also contains e-mail protection and scans all your received e-mail documents automatically for any threats before it can be downloaded.

In addition, this antivirus software has secure browser features, such as a privacy cleaner, ad blocker and password manager.

Pc Matic Antivirus also has an unbelievable set of features. Actually, AVG Antivirus Software has all the attributes and more. For example, Pc Matic’s antivirus software has a feature to clean your disk.

This is essential for efficient disk management and temp files management. You get additional benefits, including identity protection and hard drive acceleration, with the Pc Matic Pro subscription pack.

It should be noted, however, that some essential features such as email security can only be accessed from a Pc Matic Pro subscription, not the other subscriptions.

Pc Matic made a great name for itself because it does well in reviews such as Pc Pitstop to do just what the company aims to do.


Both software is available for a free trial. With free versions, your computer can be scanned and malware and spyware threats identified.

Both models are, however, constrained by the functionality you can achieve. It is therefore also prudent, as explained below, to subscribe to the other packages by paying a reasonable price.

The AVG software, on the other hand, has two subscription plans; the Internet security plan and the ultimate plan. The former plan amounts to USD 69.99 annually.

The webcam protection, an improved firewall and unlimited use of all windows and Android devices combined with folder encoding technology provide you with additional features. On the other hand, the ultimate plan costs USD 99.99 per year.

It provides you with several appreciable features that make the price reasonable. For example, it offers advanced antivirus protection, live chat and telephone support and unrestricted use on MacOS phones, Android and Windows. Given these characteristics, it is pleasant that the price tags for this antivirus software worth investing in your device protection.

There are also two payment packages for Pc Matic antivirus software: Pc Matic basic plan and Pc Matic PRO. The previous subscription plan is available for 50 USD and provides you with one-year coverage.

This makes the antivirus software very inexpensive compared to the antivirus software AVG. The fundamental features of Pc Matic are all simple in conjunction with a disk cleaner and a browser administrator.

On the other hand, the Pc Matic PRO is the most expensive payment plan and worth 150 USD per year. This is a little more expensive than other antivirus software bundles. Nevertheless, the specific properties of anti-Ransomware, hardware multiplier, identity protection, device booster and real-time protection explain this high price.

Other Antivirus Software Ranking

It is important to examine how it compares with other similar software before any antivirus software is installed on any of your computers.

This helps you get a broader picture of the antivirus you are investing in to protect your device.

To achieve this important endeavor, please consult various reviews based on different criteria that rank antivirus software. The software, for example, is rated according to its overall performance and AVG and Pc Matic both are not in the top ten antivirus software.

However, in comparison with others, the two antivirus software rank well on average, particularly when you compare the prices against the features.

This enables both software to replace other antivirus software like Kaspersky and Bitdefender perfectly. The two can work as well as secondary antivirus programs, like the protector of windows.


All antiviruses AVG and Pc Matic have their advantages and disadvantages. Both versions of the Windows Operating System support different versions, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows XP. But Pc Matic supports Windows 10 and does not support its counterpart.

The AVG software is also supported by operating systems PC Matic can not use, such as Linux / Unix, iOS and Mac OS. The main thing for Pc Matic is that it blocks even legit programming as long as it is not in its whitelist. The AVG has your machine slowed down. The two software, however, offer excellent protection for small businesses in particular.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.