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Have you ever thought of the need to update your car’s audio system? Well, this allows you to purchase a quality amplifier compatible with your vehicle. Now, you have to think about how to pick the best one from a range of choices on the market.

We provide you with some of the best 5-channel amplifiers with their comprehensive characteristics to make your research simple. Take a look at the list below and the product descriptions to help you get your hands on the right one.

Pioneer GM Series 2 5-Channel Class D Amp

The Pioneer GM Series 2 5-Channel Class D Amp is the best product for you if your budget is not a problem and you want to get a decent amplifier to be compatible with the subwoofer. It will give you the best experience with enhanced bass for exploring music.

Pioneer GM Series 2 Highlighted Main Features

    • Rugged Frame Design: This item has a solid and durable frame design. With the aid of a high-quality and textured panel that gives sufficient strength, it is made.
    • Strong Amplifier: With two A & B channels, the amplifier is trained to provide high bass outputs. The performance of the rater is around 2000 Watts max, which can give an optimum result.
    • Wired Boost Knob: A specially built wired boost knob is included in this product. As a consequence, according to your basic needs, you can control the sound. You will swallow 0 to 18 dB.
    • Cleaner Installation: It has a easy process for installation and comes with block terminals. This will give you a better fit for the piece. In order to minimize the resistance, you can even get direct wire communication.
    • Increased Flexibility: Compared to other models of the same size, the Pioneer GM Series 2 has a high subwoofer performance. As a consequence, it can provide the product with increased versatility according to the requirements.


    • Has bass boost feature
    • Auto-sensing remote feature
    • Bass signal input


    • No LED indication

Excelon X801-5 [5-Channel Car Amplifier] by Kenwood

Are you looking for a part of a quality car amplifier that comes with quality features installed? Ok, we’re giving you one of the best car amplifiers for this. Each of the components is of the highest quality and is capable of providing sound output quality.

The amplifier is shielded in such a way that it is ideal for installation in your car, but still gets a decent sound output. So, learning about the amplifier ‘s features will help you select the right device.

Kenwood Excelon X801-55 Highlighting Features

  1. It can withstand 4 power speakers of 50 watts. Simple sound control. In addition to this, the scheme comes with a 500 watt subwoofer.
  2. Even if you are not pleased with its high volume, it will make you fall in love with its distortion-free songs. Therefore, when you want to listen to music at high levels, it provides a better listening experience.
  3. Full circuit safe system-A 3-way circuit safety makes it suitable for the vehicle it is installed in. It has power, thermal and short circuit safeguards to add to this.
  4. MOSFET Switching-Installed with high-quality MOSFET power supply coupled with top-notch condensers that allow the amplifiers to get better quality sound.


    • 75 Watts per channel coupled with 150 watt quality subwoofer power
    • Excellent mount controlling facility
    • Auto turn-on circuit system
    • 12dB/octave facility
    • Installed with cast aluminum heat sink
    • High quality 4 gauge power connections


    • Not perfect for vehicle with restricted installation space
    • Base adjustment setup not sold with amplifier

PF1800 Amplifier BOSS Audio Systems

Are you looking for an effective amplifier that boosts the bass and passes both high and low frequencies? As one of the best choices available on the market, you can look out for the BOSS Audio Systems PF1800 amplifier.

BOSS Audio Systems PF1800 Amplifier’s Best Features

    • Variable Filter: This is a special function that is present in the amplifier that is ready to give you proper frequency control. With the amplifier, you can get both high and low-pass philters.
    • Bass Boost: It comes with a tiny button to improve the bass of the song. The bass boost button is responsible for changing the music’s low bass and then boosting it to create a better range.
    • Class A / B: It is further strengthened by making the Class A / B working with the amplifier. Because of this feature, with the amplifier, you can get an improved sound quality as well as product performance.
    • Bridgeable: Coming with the BOSS Audio Systems PF1800 Amplifier specification, it comes with dual channels for you to customise the music. You can configure 2 or 4 channel amplifier combinations.
    • 2-Ohm Stable: The 2-ohm reliability that this device offers is one of the best qualities for using the BOSS Audio Systems PF1800 Amplifier. For the commodity, you can obtain more power and volume.


    • Proper Grounding
    • Integrated Fuses
    • Gain / Input Sensitivity


    • No guide present

Planet Audio-AC1800.5 5 Channel Car-Amplifier-The Study of Planet Audio Amps

Are you looking for an amplifier that is capable of offering high wattage power? Well, it would be easier to get a Planet Audio AC1800.5 5 Channel Car Amplifier with a lot of options available.

This can be known as a beast in Class A / B that is able to provide better sound quality. You can make acceptable sound controls according to your needs with the best way to manage adjustments.

Main features of the AC1800.5 5 Channel Car Audio Amplifier for Planet Audio

MOSFET ‘s smooth fitting
It allows the amplifier to supply MOSFET power perfectly, which helps to get the right resulting tone. This amplifier can be considered as the best choice for modest speakers.

Boasting quality bass
It is capable of producing high quality sound with deep bass with a stronger amplifier mechanism. In addition, with the facility of variable bass power, it allows the exact amount of base you want to get to the output music to be controlled.

Gives sufficient power
It is capable of supplying power of 300 watts to 2 ohms along with its fifth tube. In addition, one 2-ohm channel of the amplifier supplies 600 watts. It provides full-range amplification for class A / B.


    • Gives out good quality and clear audio
    • Installed with easy to use adjustments
    • Easily powers the speakers of amplifiers


  • System tends to overheat and automates to protection mode
  • RMS rating could have been better
  • Channel setup needs to be better

Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, Car Amplifier 5-Channel Class D PA Series (PAD5000.5), 100 Watts x4; 400 Watts x1000.5

Do you wish to purchase for your car a compact but robust amplifier? Well, with plenty of options available, the one Polk Audio said above is the best one to invest in. It helps to listen to simple music with Class D amplification.

Prominent characteristics of the amplifier

Top-notch level of sound
This amplifier is the one if you want to get distortion free and clear noise. It is equipped with Polk Class D technology with good low and high pass philtre performance. Class D allows the audio to be transparent and of higher quality. Thanks to the adjustable philtres that make the sound perfect, this is possible.

The amplifier’s portability
Even if the amplifier looks small, it can provide excellent sound. For each of the rear and front speakers, the amplifier will supply 70 watts, along with 500 watts for the subwoofer. It is, therefore, properly regarded as the best for its excellent amplification of sound.

MOSFETs for Consistency
Installed with common MOSFET, it offers better power supply and guarantees that at the time of sound production sufficient energy is used. Better energy usage means less heat output at the moment the amplifier is playing. Therefore, even after running it for a long time, it can keep the computer cold.

Sturdy foundation and external structure
This amplifier is sure to pay for years to come in order to make your investment a worthy one. Installed with coated PB sheet, along with stainless steel construction, it makes the outer surface a durable one that avoids problems with coil burning.


    • Wired remote system with better controlling of subwoofer
    • Quality MOSFET modulated power supply
    • Stainless steel material used in offering better construction
    • 3 layer better protection of circuit
    • Has super energy efficacy with ability to keep machine cool


    • Looks bulky due to its weight
    • Sound system could have worked better with upgraded system of vehicle


    • Amp remains cool even after using it for long time
    • Quality system offers better base sound
    • Comes in a compact and size is portable
    • It has an easy auto turn on and off button to control the amplifier
    • Comes with dual power supply mechanism and offers better energy due to class D amplifier designing

Extreme Power Density Optical Amplifier Alpine PDX-V9, 5-Channel PDX-V9 Alpine

The Alpine product mentioned above is the right choice that ensures that the machine stays cool for a long time.

Outstanding amplifier characteristics

The distribution of smooth power
The sufficient power supply of 100 watts to each of the channels along with 500 watts to the subwoofer is ideal for generating the required music supply. In addition, even if you wish to run it with more than one unit, it stays cool.

Building the amp better
In the amp, 5 channels are aimed in a special way that makes it easy to create high-quality sound.

Quick Control of Power
The Alpine amplifier provides ease of use and is ideal for setting and running in the vehicle for beginners.

Octave with speakers
It has 12dB for each speaker channel octave and a subwoofer speaker channel octave of 24dB.


    • Comes with easy installation procedure
    • Offers great heat sink technology
    • Has the ability to supply significant power


    • Occasional cut-outs effects the sound quality
    • Tuning of the amp could have been better
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