Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites
Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Are you looking for the best online movie streaming sites free? This is where you can stream legal and free movies whenever you want.

While it might seem piracy to streaming movies online, many legal movie sites offer free streaming. These sites are full of legal movies that you can stream free, and they are legal.

If you are looking for TV shows or movies, streaming free videos is possible. You need to know where to search. Here are some of the top free online movie streaming websites.

What You Can Expect from Free Movie Streaming Sites

You can find legal and free videos online. Here are some examples. Many movies that can be streamed for free are available in the public domain. Many sites offer these video treasures because they have been lost in their ownership.

You won’t find only B-movies streaming online, but you will also find many high-budget films. These are usually ad-supported. You’ll need to watch a few commercials, just like watching a movie on TV. The movies are often presented without any cuts.

It is not realistic to expect to see the most recent releases. Instead, you’ll see movies that date back from several months to many decades. Some sites also feature original productions as well as amateur films.

You can also watch movies on the move by downloading the best movie apps to your smartphone.

YouTubeYouTube is easily one of the most popular free movie streaming sites. YouTube offers tons of free movies, including many public domain films such as the Public Domain Films.

You can also find full movies on YouTube via channels like Popcornflix. There is also a Free To Watch section within YouTube’s Movies & Shows Hub. It’s a fantastic mix of everything, from classic comedy to sports. This is a far cry from channels that only show movies from the 1950s.

It may take some digging to find what you are looking for. YouTube offers a wealth of legal, free movies that you can stream if you have the patience.


Crackle has a great selection of original and syndicated content. It is a must-see for film lovers. Although the rotating selection is varied, you will find movies of all genres on Crackle.

Crackle also features original programming and films. You can also enjoy Crackle on your TV using the Activate device option at the top-right.


CONtv (formerly Viewster) features comic books as well as videos. If you don’t want to see the videos, the menu at the top-left will show Videos.

You’ll find plenty of free movies, including many horror B-films, among the television shows. While some of the content requires subscriptions, most of the content can be viewed for free.


Vudu is most well-known for its digital video rentals and sale, but it also offers many free movies that you can stream. It offers a wide range of TV shows and movies, with new additions every day.

Vudu’s free section works similarly to Crackle, providing full movies with few commercials. Vudu can legally offer movies and TV shows for free by hosting films that contain ads.

To use Vudu, you must register for a free account. However, it is worth the effort. After registering, you can activate digital copies of movies or shows. You also have to rent and buy movies from Vudu.


NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, is relatively new to the streaming movie space. Peacock Premium is available to access top-tier movies and shows like The Office, Despicable Me, and Despicable Me. However, the free tier has a lot of content.

You can get tons of content from NBC on your mobile devices by creating a free account. The free version contains ads, which is not surprising.


Popcornflix is similar to Crackle and offers full movies with very few ads. You can watch various movies from a rotating collection, and you don’t need an account to begin watching. You can even find original content on the service.


Tubi, which offers legal movie streaming and free movies and shows, is another excellent service. You can view movies as old as 2021 and older films here.

Tubi has a Coming Soon<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> category. This allows you to prioritize your streaming queue to catch shows and movies before they are gone. Also, be sure to check the not on Netflix collection.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a lot. A TV section allows you to switch between channels just like traditional cable. To jump to channels that only show films, switch to the Movies section to the left. Depending on when you watch, it may not be the middle of anything.

You can switch to the On Demand section at the top if you don’t see what you are looking for on the live stations. You can stream tons of movies for free right away.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a site that focuses on older content, as the name implies. Its website design features a retro theme with red theater curtains as a background. You can go through all the decades with films from the 1930s through the 1960s. If you are interested, there are also silent films available.

You might be tempted to question the definition of classic cinema by some of the inclusions. Classic Cinema Online is a great place to watch old-school movies.


Although Hoopla does have a barrier to entry, it is still a great way to stream movies online legally. You will need to create an account to use Hoopla.

Once you have registered, you can use Hoopla to borrow TV shows and movies and audiobooks, and ebooks from your library. You can access the service via the web and mobile apps on all your devices and TV streaming boxes.

Here are the Best Free Movie Sites For Everyone

These free online movie streaming websites will help you find hundreds of free movies. These legal movies can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

You should also be able to legally download movies offline to watch them on your next long flight.

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