Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places and Old Ghost Towns

Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places and Old Ghost Towns
Best Sites to Find Abandoned Places and Old Ghost Towns

It’s an adventure to visit abandoned locations. These websites will help you find ghost towns and abandoned places all over the world.

Many people enjoy the thrill of finding treasure. Geocaching is a popular way to meet your needs. Others prefer to go to abandoned buildings. There’s something so poignant about seeing the things that have been forgotten over time.

Some of us are unable to visit these places in person. These locations may be too far away or we don’t know where else to find them. There is an entire online community dedicated to documenting abandoned areas. Here are some great websites to help you find abandoned areas wherever you may be.

 1. Places

Let’s begin with an old website that has been documenting abandoned areas for many years. This website is very old. This website has not been updated since early 2010. If you want to take a trip down the memory lane digitally, visit the Abandoned Places site.

Although Abandoned Places may be old and not very user-friendly it is easy to use once you have figured out the main navigation wheel. The website is designed to look like an automated machine. To learn more about a building, you can click on the gears in the central wheel.

You can also find locations around the globe on this website, including photos and historical information. One area called The Graffiti Place includes a description of the size and location of the ghost town along the river Scheldt. It is worth taking a look at the detailed photographs.

 2. America abandoned

Are you looking for a modern website that has a clear focus? Abandoned America is a website created by Matthew Christopher.

Christopher has made it his mission over the years to document the American dream in decline. He states on his About Page that he has been fascinated by abandoned places since childhood.

He also wants to tell the stories of these abandoned places and to bring attention to the lives of those who were affected by historical atrocities. America’s 20th-century use of insane asylums was one example of such an atrocity. Ruins can be found all over the country, from coast to coast.

Website also clearly states that location information was withheld due to these abandoned buildings being on private property.

Despite this factor, the website remains one of our most useful. Attention to detail can satisfy the urge to “find abandoned areas near me,” but you don’t have to travel there.

 3. Urbex Playground

You are looking for a website that blends urban exploration with the history and architecture of abandoned buildings? Urbex Playground is the website for you.

This website has two sections, Urbex, and Rurex. It aims to document abandoned buildings in high- and low-density locations.

The team takes photographs of each building and records its history. They also discuss how the buildings were abandoned today. This website provides a wealth of information and inspiration for writers who are interested in a wide range of topics.

Urbex acknowledges that sometimes Urbex’s documentation process involves trespassing, which we don’t recommend. However, its meticulous documentation practices are to be commended and its attention to detail.

 4. Freaktography

You are looking for a website that photographs abandoned places in a more adventurous way? Freaktography is a website that’s run by urban explorers.

Freaktography started to photograph abandoned buildings and ghost towns in the early 2010s and then posted those photos online. This website is run by Freaktography, an explorer who has amassed a huge collection of images about the subject. He also discusses his exploits on YouTube’s Freaktography channel.

Freaktography, like the other sites in this list, strongly encourages readers not to follow the photographer’s lead. You must not trespass on private property if you intend to document abandoned places or follow the steps of the photographer.

 5. Abandoned Central

Abandoned Central, another great resource, allows you to explore cool abandoned buildings. This site features abandoned museums, maximum security prisons and old houses in the woods. Each entry is accompanied with high-resolution photographs and long videos that document the exploration.

This blog is for those who love to explore abandoned buildings that have an eerie feel. These places often have creepy elements like a funeral home that has bodies left behind, which is bound to make your hair stand on the back.

Browse this list for creepy websites if you like to be uneasy.

You can also check out other abandoned places

We’ve looked at websites that can be used to find out about abandoned places. However, there are many individual blog posts that also cover the subject. Here’s a selection of the most relevant.

Locate abandoned places from your own home

You now have a list of websites dedicated to exploring abandoned areas. You might even be able to use urban exploration as a starting point for a new research project.

Google Earth is a great tool for exploring abandoned areas around the globe. You can create virtual tours to explore areas you have never heard of from the comfort of your home.

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