Bots in Australian Online Casinos – Simulates Real Player Behavior

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Australian online resources designed for gambling face a lot of problems every day. One of the most relevant in recent years is the appearance of bots that mimic the behavior of ordinary players and cleverly calculate the probability of winning in certain casino games. What is this new word in the field of gambling? For what purpose are they created and how do owners of gambling portals organize “raids” on them? Bots on the Internet are more and more common, and information about them is simply necessary for studying by Australian gambling fans.

Casino and poker bots attack!

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The appearance of an impressive number of bots in Australian online casinos is explained by the desire of hackers to receive information about winning mathematical sequences and various modes of gambling. The word “bot” only sounds formidable – in fact, it’s just computer programs (“robots” for playing poker, roulette, machines, etc.) that replace real players at gaming tables or reels of virtual pokies. Using the data obtained with the help of casino bots, scammers (online clubs prohibit such manipulations, which means they cannot be named otherwise) calculate the most probable winning time on various gambling resources. Usually online casinos monitor such behavior and can distinguish bots from the real players. We had an interview with the owner of Casinonic casino the website of which can be found in their website. He told us, that to understand if a bot or real player logged in is a pretty complicated task and the administration of an online casino does not always determine a bot program with 100% probability:

  • Firstly, because the control scripts of the bots do an excellent job of simulating real players.
  • Secondly, because scammers can determine periods of traffic peaks on gambling sites when the ability to detect third-party software is minimal.

Bots for roulette, poker, slots, and other gambling: how does it work?

Is it possible to increase the winning totals with the help of bots and how do such software work at all? There are many such programs on the Internet – from the most primitive to the most complex, but they have one principle of operation and consists of the following steps:

  • Receiving the information;
  • Calculation;
  • Decision-making;
  • Imitations of the actions of a live user.

The more complex the applications, the more serious mathematical calculations they use. For example, some bots are programmed to “intercept” messages from poker chats. Special logical algorithms are responsible for making decisions in a particular game or games, and for maximum credibility of simulating the behavior of gamblers, even methods of randomly delaying responses or imitating random keystrokes in chats can be used (as real users do).

Should I use Bots to play in online casinos or better to play honest?

The existence of truly “winning” poker bots are questionable. The owners and administration of most reliable resources assure their customers that the quality of their software can completely prevent the possibility of using such applications. Besides, if the user uses such programs the casino can ban him without giving his money back, since bots cannot be used to play in a casino (this is prescribed in the rules of all online gambling clubs).

Even the most multi-functional bot will not be able to bluff or think out bets in the way a real gamer will do – a user with emotions and personality. Play fair and stay in the black. There is no secret path to success!

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.