Can i Use Grammarly in Outlook

How to add Grammarly to your Microsoft Outlook apps
How to add Grammarly to your Microsoft Outlook apps

Yes! why not? Know How to add Grammarly to your Microsoft Outlook app and get advanced spelling and grammar corrections for your emails with this article in brief.

How to add Grammarly to your Microsoft Outlook app?

How can I add Grammarly to Microsoft Office Word and Outlook?

You can download the latest version of Grammarly for Microsoft Office at and follow the instructions on that page to install it.

Learn more about Grammarly for Microsoft Office and how Grammarly can be used with your computer.

Grammarly: How do I check my email?

You can check the emails you send via the internet (Gmail Yahoo AOL etc.). Install the browser extension. It is available for Chrome Safari Firefox Firefox Edge. Grammarly’s browser extension can help you avoid making mistakes almost anywhere you write online.

You can use Grammarly to check your email with Microsoft Outlook if you have Windows computers. Go to to install Grammarly for Microsoft Office.

You can also take a copy of the email text and edit it in the grammarly editor. Then, copy it and paste it into your email.

How to use Grammarly in Outlook

After Grammarly has been installed in Outlook, it is important to see the brand’s latest Grammarly pane at the Outlook window’s right side when you are writing email messages. Click on ” Open Grammarly” in the Home tab near the window’s top. You can also close the Grammarly widget by clicking Close Grammarly from the stripe.

You can also find a Grammarly tab in Outlook’s ribbon. The Ribbon Options can be found here. However, most attributes are not available unless you upgrade to Grammarly Premium ($111.66 per month).

You may also be able to see the complete BaseBase of the Grammarly pane as you work. You can find two types of hints: ” basics” which is included with Grammarly’s free version, and ” premium Topics“, which require a Grammarly subscription.

Grammar, punctuation, and grammar are the most important issues. You will get different opinions about readability, writing style, and language if you upgrade the Premium subscription. Click ” Premium topics” to learn more about how best to edit.

Grammarly displays the suggested edits in the Grammarly pane. These notes indicate that the proposed edits match the email’s error. This allows you to see them more or less side-by-side. You can click on a single issue from the email address to examine the proposal. Or, click on the Grammarly widget to expand the Grammarly pane and reveal additional information and provide you with options.

  • To produce the shift, click on the proposal (highlighted green).
  • To discount your proposal, click on the trashcan icon to the right. You can still keep your original text.
  • If it is a spelling suggestion, you can click on the Insert Dictionary icon to your right to add the word to a custom Grammarly dictionary. This will take away the need to worry about the proposal again.

How do you use Grammarly add in in Outlook?

Once all the steps have been completed, Grammarly can be added to Microsoft Outlook. Open the new message window and add your content.

To attract all the words that are moving in your mind, create an email priority and then follow Grammarly for spelling and tip advice.

You can use the button to open Grammarly tab. The Grammarly sidebar will appear in the right corner of Outlook screen.

Click on All Difficulties. The sidebar will display grammarly suggestions (outcomes) directly.

After you have assessed the content, click on All problems. The majority of topics can be fixed immediately and are free. Superior topics require a Grammarly payment.

Fundamental issues can show errors that could be corrected. Two options are available:

  • Reject the proposal.
  • You can add to Dictionary (technically a couple of words but Grammarly doesn’t have that function), or you can hit Increase Dictionary to insert keywords from Grammarly.

Tone Detector

The Grammarly tab will open with the Tone Detector button. Next, the dialogue box will appear that displays the heaps range.

Style Guide

This design manual is available to Business Users in Microsoft Outlook. It guides the user using all of the writing styles and more. (Style manual is a top-notch Grammarly service you can buy for about $12.50/member/month).

Grammarly for Webmail Outlook provides online email assistance. Grammarly chrome extension is available for Outlook. It covers all sites, including Webmail Outlook.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

  • To get Outlook, download Grammarly chrome extension
  • Click on ” To add to chrome.”
  • You can view the Grammarly chrome extension for your own system in the right-hand upper corner. You can switch off the four main options that operate this way and choose English (British American, Australian, Australian, Canadian).
  • Grammarly tracks your email messages about the New page and guides you through the BaseBase. Outlook Grammarly emojis
  • After you have completed your email message, click on the Grammarly emblem in the display base. This will open the in-depth research report, as we’ve shown in the program variant.
  • You start at the top and you will receive the text score which reflects your writing standard (highest score 100).
  • Next, fix one spelling or punctuation error.
  • You can increase the Dictionary or get rid of the proposal.
  • Last but not least, emoji stands for the Tone Detector. You can test it by clicking on it.
  • Grammarly Premium options cost 11.66/month and dig deeper. They also provide expert touches.

Your email will be ready for lunch once you have fixed all the issues. You can also get the entire bundle with the free version.

Click here to download Grammarly addins.

Step by Step Guide to install Grammarly in Outlook

1. Open Google Chrome and go to the Grammarly website to download the add-in then Click -> ‘Get It for Windows It’s Free’.

Grammarly website to download the add-in
Grammarly website to download the add-in

2. After downloading the file at the bottom, hover over the filename to open .

Get It for Windows It's Free
Get It for Windows It’s Free

3. After the file has been opened, click -> Run.

Welcome to grammerly
Welcome to grammerly

4. After the installer has opened click -> to ‘Get Started’.

Microsoft Application you would like the Grammarly add-in
Microsoft Application you would like the Grammarly add-in

5 Choose which Microsoft Application you’d like Grammarly to be installed.

Click -> Check Box (Microsoft Word).

Click -> Check Box (Microsoft Outlook).

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click -> and wait for it to complete.

While it is being installed, you will be notified by email of the progress bar and when it is close to completion.

6. After Grammarly has completed installing, you will receive a message from the installer advising you to start any running Word or Outlook programs.

Click OK -> FINISH

Next, save all work and close Word and Outlook.

7. Open Microsoft Word. Click -> Home. Find Grammarly and click on -> Open Grammarly.

Open Grammarly now
Open Grammarly now

8. Open Microsoft Outlook. Click -> Home. Find Grammarly and click -> Reply With Grammarly.

Reply with Grammarly option
Reply with Grammarly option


You will need an account to use Grammarly. This can be done via the add-in or through their website.

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