How to Ensure That Your Business is Trustworthy?

Whether you have experienced a cybersecurity incident or you are simply looking for ways to boost customer trust, proving that your business is reliable and secure is paramount when you are operating online. Customers...
Vehicle tracking system

Tracking Your Boyfriend’s Phone can Improve Your Relationship

It’s not that we want to spy on our boyfriends—actually it’s not even that at all. You may feel compelled to track your boyfriend’s phone because:You trust him, but you want to trust him...
Web skimmers

How To Prevent Your Site From Getting Hacked?

In the current COVID-19 situation, your business is now more dependent on your website than ever before.  The crisis, on the other hand,  also has hackers trying to make the most of the chaos...
Casino Games

Are video slots related to video games?

You’d be forgiven for mistaking a slot game for a video game as many of the 3D slots and video slots are more akin to video games than classic slot games. Thanks to advancements...
cyber security

How to Protect the Cyber Security of Your Company?

Security is very important for companies of all sizes. Your company likely holds a lot of data, private information and documents that need to be kept confidential to protect both yourself and your customers....

Cyber-Security Blunders All Business Owners Should Avoid

Most consumers fail to realize just how much of their information is floating around online. When a consumer visits a website, the domain owner usually collects information regarding where they are located, how much...

Web Scraping Basics – Why and How

It is difficult for modern man to envision a time when news spread via word of mouth. Tidings or historical accounts of events and occurrences would be shared by travelers and visitors often as...

How Biometrics is Driving Security in Digital Payments?

Overused, often forgotten, and weak passwords have been at the root of expensive data breaches, lost opportunities, and soaring cybersecurity bills for decades. Thankfully, a solution is in the pipeline.The use of biometric software...
Quantum computers

Can Machine Learning Revolutionize The Fight Against Click Fraud?

Click fraud has been a problem since the earliest days of PPC marketing. The digital marketing industry is enormous, making the potential gains for fraudsters tough to ignore. Unfortunately, while click fraud has been...
Network security

Getting Ready for Real-Time Captioning

Closed captioning is the visual display of text, on an audio file or video transmitted vai a screen of one type or another. This is the most common format for closed captioning, and they...