Soundcloud Pro Unlimited Worth It?

The advantages of Soundcloud Pro Unlimited are well worth it.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the largest open audio platform in the world. It has over 190 million music from 20 million creators that users in 190 countries have listened to.

Users can record and upload sounds to share with the public or choose others on the network confidentially. In the comments section of your post, you’ll evaluate your track’s performance and communicate with listeners.

If you want to discover new voices, you’ll follow artists to keep track of their uploads on your feed. You’ll also be able to bookmark your favourite music and playlists to listen to later.

Is Soundcloud pro with unlimited storage worth it?

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is a premium version of the site that costs $12 per month if paid annually and $16 per month if paid monthly. Creators have unlimited audio upload time and storage with this capability. They will arrange the release of their music and collect more detailed statistics, such as the location of their top listeners, so that the gadgets will want to play their sounds. Creators also have more personalization options, such as whether or not they want to appear in comments and which five tracks, playlists, or albums they want to highlight at the top of their profiles.


You’ll be able to use a wide range of metrics once your Soundcloud Pro Unlimited is worth it. Pro users will have access to considerably more information than just the fundamental numbers. This means you’ll be able to observe which users and pages are most interested in your music, as well as which influencers, labels, and artists are paying attention to it. Furthermore, you’ll be aware of your listeners’ circumstances, making it easier to organize your next tour, for example. You’ll also be able to see how many times a music has been played on each app and website, giving you even more insight into the success of each of your releases.

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Controlling the content

SoundCloud gives Pro users the option of turning on or off public analytics and comments to allow them more creative flexibility. You can also pin one or more tracks to the top of your profile, increasing the number of clicks and downloads to your most recent release. In this approach, your visitors will be able to express their gratitude to you more quickly.

Verification of Profiles

Your profile is given a verification mark when you become a professional user, making your face appear more credible. While the verification sign just indicates that you are a paying member, it prompts listeners to view your persona and profile, resulting in additional clicks, streams, and downloads.

Restrictions on Download

You’ll be limited to 100 downloads per track if you’re a free SoundCloud user. This restriction is increased to 1000 by upgrading to SoundCloud Pro, while SoundCloud Pro Unlimited customers have unlimited downloads. This method is beneficial since the more downloads a music receives, the greater the benefit to your brand and, as a result, the more visibility you’ll receive.

Soundcloud pro unlimited worth it

Because of the enormous influence of SoundCloud’s services, it’s critical to devote time and effort to your SoundCloud profile. The most crucial thing is that you have a complete Soundcloud profile with relevant content. It’s up to you from there. If you’re not interested in analytics, don’t mind the verification button, and don’t want to share downloaded tunes, the free profile is for you. If you want to get the most out of Soundcloud, a subscription plan will provide you access to some useful extra features that will help you build your account faster.

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Soundcloud: How to Use It?

You can either produce your own sounds or listen to other people’s audio on SoundCloud. You may either create a free account or sign up for one of the subscription plans. Once you’ve created an account, go to the upload tab in the upper right corner of your page to upload your first recording. You’ll give the audio a title, a description, and a genre, as well as choose whether it should be public or private.

To hear what other people are saying, go to the top screen and search for a specific name or phrase, or browse the categories on your home page, such as Top Playlists and New Arrivals. Once you begin to enjoy certain songs and albums, your music library will be replenished. You’ll also follow creators so that you can see their latest uploads in your feed.

What is SoundCloud’s role in the music industry?

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited caters to musicians, whilst SoundCloud Go caters to listeners. Artists may plan their releases, modify their sites, and obtain information into how listeners interact with their sounds using Pro Unlimited.

Another useful tool for artists is SoundCloud Pulse. It’s a SoundCloud companion app that lets you respond to comments on your tracks from your phone, get real-time information on how well your posts are performing, effortlessly share your sounds, follow other users, and update track details even after they’ve been posted.

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Is there any advertising on SoundCloud?

Ads are included in both SoundCloud Basic and SoundCloud Pro. Checking in for SoundCloud Go or Go+ is the only way to listen to music without ads.

Is there a listening restriction on SoundCloud?

There is no listening limit on SoundCloud. Users of SoundCloud Basic and Go get access to approximately 120 million tracks, with additional 30 million previews available. Users of SoundCloud Go+ can listen to any of the platform’s 150 million+ channels without having to wait for previews.

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