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If you love to listen to music, you have to look for a great downloader of music.

MP3 Monkey is a good web site that allows users to listen to online MP3 songs or download it to MP3 format. Nevertheless, if the downloaded song is not in the correct audio format, you can always convert the downloaded song to another compatible audio format by using the audio converter.

I am a music fan, and one thing I love most is my favorite tracks saved to easy access on my phone or computer.

Music lovers in today’s world prefer to download their favorite music when it is released. And with online tools like MP3 Monkey, it is very easy to download just any kind of music.

If you’ve never heard of MP3 Monkey, then it’s an online site to download music.

MP3 Monkey has a very clean gui and acts as a music search engine. Users can type the song keyword directly into the search box, and MP3 Monkey will provide you with a complete set of MP3 keyword songs. No songs are hosting MP3 Monkey and all songs are from the internet.

There are other similar sites to MP3 Monkey. Tons of them are there. And as a result, music lovers get lost when choosing the right medium to use. Most sites display tons of advertising, making downloading music difficult. For no good reason, you must waste your time and the internet.

All the music streaming sites we discussed in this article will allow you to access and download songs for free without irritating advertising.

Let’s get to know some of today’s best music download sites.



LoundTronix is another great MP3 Monkey option as well. Unlike, all you have to do is run a search query, which will display search results. There is also a converter where you can convert mp3 videos simply by clicking on the search button on the video link.

Nevertheless, there are two problems with this site: longer videos take time to convert and update, and the conversion on a computer is quicker than a mobile device.

tubley is one of my favourites, I must admit. It is so easy to use and works on both computer and mobile devices perfectly. You can play and download songs for free. You simply have to check the music you want to access using the appropriate keyword. The keyword may include the album name, the artist’s name or a few lines of the song’s lyrics. You can also play and download from the Top Searches page in addition to searching for music from the platform. You can see from the page some of the music people are looking for. helps people to play and download music in various formats. The formats are 3gp, mp3 and mp4.



BeeMP3 is an old web-based mp3 search engine. You can download music for free and convert YouTube videos to mp3 with BeeMP3. You can also stream music without downloading it online.

BeeMP3 does not require you to register to start using an account. All you have to do is search the song with the appropriate keywords.

You will also get detailed information such as the bitrate, length and file size of the particular mp3 for each song.

My Free MP3

mymp3 free

One advantage of My Free MP3 is the opportunity to download a music set from one artist at once.

It’s fast and gives you search results in seconds. The only thing about this site is that YouTube videos can not be converted to MP3.



This is one of the most popular music downloaders. It is one of the best websites to stream MP3 music on the internet for so long now.

It has an incredible search engine which results in a couple of seconds when a user runs a search query. And you can play music directly from the website with your music player.



As with MP3Skull, mp3 Music was listed in mp3box with respect to genres, popularity and artists. It allows users to freely stream music online that you can play on your computer and download. To download mp3 music from this website, you have to download your client configuration first. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged for their installation download. It’s free of charge.



I can easily confirm that iMusic is the best alternative for MP3 Monkey. It includes wonderful features to listen to and download mp3 music from the website. The software works well on Windows and Mac, allowing users to experience the installation of songs.

Few apps that make iMusic special include:

  • iMusic downloads music from popular websites like Vevo, YouTube, Spotify, Dailymotion and over 3000 pages.
  • It makes it possible to easily manage and upload music to iTunes from iOS and Android devices.
  • Cleans iTunes for files with broken music.

How can iMusic download music?

You will have to follow the following steps when you successfully download iMusic on your Windows or Mac computer to download your favorite music

Step 1: to open the iMusic software on your computer and then click on “Buy Music” to get the process started.
Step 2: To download songs from the built-in program, click on “Explore.” You can also add the URL of a song you want to download and pick the format before you press the Download button.

MP3 Downloaders that won’t work for you


It’s a free MP3 site with comprehensive categories of songs. Every common country has a top 40 chart to find and download new and popular songs for users.

Mp3Juices is a search engine and resource free of charge. To download your music from this site, simply enter the keywords in your search query, pick the sources you want to search, then click on the search button. A list of search results with the song download and play options will be displayed. It generally takes a few seconds depending on how many sources you scan.

You can also convert an audio video to an MP3. Everything you need to do is enter the video URL and then click on the search button to start conversion. So if you’ve just seen the music video on YouTube and want to get its version of MP3, it’s the best place to convert it to a MP3.

The web has been dark for a while, but now it’s online. It is made up of thousands of great songs and they use the resources of YouTube as their primary musical source. is perfect because its service is totally free.

One thing, however, is that you can not play music directly from the website as with other websites.


You can play and download legal mp3 music files for free on You can also search music files from the main site in terms of their labels, artists, popularity or genres.

The following links make it very easy to search the site: download Free MP3 Music, singing jobs, music for the free download, free download MP3 Album, music artists, music albums, free MP3 Music and Hip Hop Music. And if you want to find music, all you need is using the right keywords.

If you are a fan of emerging artists, this website is a great platform for free music.


MP3Cool is a free download song and lyrics. The categories of top songs, new releases and fresh songs enable its users to know what the music industry is new and fresh. It is also easy to use and free of charge.


MP3Bear is a free music streaming site that promotes listening to music and directly sharing the tracks. Its most popular MP3 AND Top MP3 search lists are so useful, especially when you want to hear something interesting and you don’t know what to find.


Until downloading, MP3Raid helps you to listen to any MP3 file. All music on this site is legal. All music is legal. The website also provides profiles where you can post your mp3 free of charge.

Users can download MP3 for free from this download site. It supports Top 2O artists and Top 20 albums as well.


There are other MP3 Monkey choices on the Internet, but trust me that no other MP3 Monkey replacement with iMusic can be found. Some of the MP3 Monkey alternatives can’t download audios collectively. Some alternatives to MP3 Monkey can’t delete ads from the original audio file. Some of the alternatives to MP3 Monkey stream low-speed audio. Many users prefer just iMusic as a all-in – one music downloader and the best alternative to MP3 Monkey.

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