CEMU Crashes When Loading botw

CEMU Crashes When Loading botw
CEMU Crashes When Loading botw


The first step is to ensure that the game you want to play is playable, as many games are either not currently supported, only known to crash, or require compatibility regressions due to Cemu updates or issues with new GPU Drivers. Please examine the Game Compatibility List and associated Wiki entries before requesting assistance; keep in mind that outdated testing results may exist.

We encourage our users to submit their testing findings and otherwise maintain the wiki up to date so that everyone’s inquiries can be answered.

CEMU Crashes When Loading botw

When beginning a game, you get stuck on “”Loading…”” / Crash to Desktop (CTD).


Cause No. 1

Open Task Manager on Windows -> If necessary, click the () More Details icon -> Select the tiny print tab. Before trying to launch Cemu again, make sure Cemu.exe isn’t listed in your process list and that it’s otherwise closed. Cemu.exe has lately developed a fault in which it can grind to a halt in the background, causing issues with saving, starting, loading your shader cache, and a variety of other issues.

Cause #2:

Open your Cemu folder and rename your shader cache folder temporarily. This may allow you to check a new cache to see if the problem was caused by the previously utilised cache. If renaming the shader cache folder didn’t work, close Cemu completely and change your previous shader cache to “shader cache”; you’ll be able to destroy the one that Cemu produced after you renamed your original copy.

Cause #3:

This can happen if you use File -> Load to load an update or DLC as a game. Alternatively, if you combine the Update or DLC data into the bottom Game in an attempt to save space, the bottom Game may get corrupted, requiring all of the game’s data to be ejected from your Wii U and replaced. As a result, make sure you’re starting the game correctly or that Update and DLC data is being installed successfully.

Cause #4:

To follow up on Problem #3, an incomplete or otherwise corrupt dump of your Base Game / Update / DLC copy could be the cause. Dumping software doesn’t always operate the way it should, but it’s better than not having it at all. Reinstalling any game data won’t effect your saves, so try dumping the data from your Wii U again.

Cause #5:

This can also be caused by illegally obtained game data. Cemu only supports one technique of dumping your game data: dumping your game data. Posing for assistance in illegally downloading the data will result in a ban or warning.

[File] -> [Load] or [Install Game Title, Update, or DLC] crashing


When the Window’sWindow’s File Explorer window is supposed to appear, this is what this refers to. This is frequently a long-standing problem that either:

Incompatibility with a third-party programme installed on your computer, typically one that alters the appearance of Windows or those that alter the Taskbar/Tray.

You should keep the drivers and functionality for Intel Optane / RST installed if your PC supports it. This issue can be caused by a lack of software; if you uninstalled or never installed them, it’s recommended that you try to do so, but only if your motherboard supports this function and you experience this type of crash.

A corrupted or partially corrupted Windows installation.

We recommend you to search for and eliminate the afflicted programme. Otherwise, you need cleanly install the most recent version of Windows 10. Migrations, in-place upgrades, “refresh,” and other non-clean installation procedures may cause the issue to migrate to your newer installation with you. If you’re not sure how to perform a clean Windows reinstallation, we recommend watching a video guide. Please be cautious and make a backup of any important files, settings, and programs/program names/product keys before transferring them.

User Inquiries:

Cemu crashes whenever I try to load a game. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the games I’m trying to load because I’ve tried several. The problem appears in any version of Cemu I’ve tried. Is there a solution?

[SOLVED] When loading a game, Cemu 1.13.0 crashes.

I’m guessing the first line (wine: cannot locate L” ” C:windowssystem32winemenubuilder.exe”) is the cause. Is there anyone who can fix it?

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