Cloud Guard and Maximum Security Zones Univeled by Oracle

Cloud Guard

Monday Oracle announced the general release of its cloud monitoring software for the Cloud Guard and High Security Areas.

Cloud Guard and High Security Areas were some of Oracle’s univelled new security capabilities in September 2019. Offered at no extra cost to Oracle Cloud customers, they help to automate the response to threats and reduce risk.

The Oracle Cloud Protection, which is now available in all commercial areas, is configured to track operations and settings simultaneously in an attempt to detect and resolve future risks. The platform interfaces specifically with Oracle Cloud Computing Services and depends on three components: goals specifying which resources should be examined; detectors detecting problems and alerting users; and responses that instantly take action when a problem is identified (e.g., stop users).

Oracle Maximum Security Zones is designed to help enterprises safely manage cloud workloads, and eliminate errors in deployment by applying best practises in security. The service “extends IaaS access control to limit unsafe behaviour or modifications using a new policy concept that refers to specified cloud compartments” according to Oracle.

High Protection Areas provide rules for networking, object management , file management, confidentiality, and DBaaS connectivity facilities.

One business that used Oracle Cloud Guard is working with giant Accenture.

“Our main priority area is to drive the road to profitability and Oracle Technology and Oracle Cloud is a critical element in doing that. We were quickly impressed with Oracle Cloud Guard – the architecture, ease of use, and actual consequences of possible misconfigurations, “said Chris Pasternak, Accenture’s managing director. “We value the fact that this functionality is available at no expense over the investment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It further solidifies my clients’ discussions about how Oracle first builds Oracle Cloud with protection in mind; Oracle Cloud Guard is a perfect example of how Oracle continues its legacy.

Cloud Guard has also been checked by natural food manufacturer Lovely Ingredients, as well as High Security Zones.

“We have recently switched to Oracle Cloud Guard and looked at Oracle High Security Zones to see if we ‘re integrating the Oracle E-Business Suite instance into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,” said Tom Morgan, Cyber Security Department, Lovely Ingredients, Threat Intelligence Chief. “What I enjoy about Oracle Cloud Guard is the fact that it continues to operate and is open to a larger community of users, offering a constant stream of change in our security posture. It also comes with Oracle Cloud Computing, which is a very good deal.

Melina Richardson
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