Connect Ring Doorbell To Google Home

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Ring doorbells and certain security cameras can be easily integrated with Google Home to allow for viewing of live feed of the door from within your own home.

Your Ring device can also help you answer calls from Google Home devices and even answer doorbells with voice control.

1. Log in to your Ring account

Chances are, you aren’t the only person living in your house; others may require access to the Ring device as well. In such an instance, you can add them as Shared Users and grant them access through email.

Once added as a shared user, that individual can log into their account using their own credentials to see the view from their home, see who’s at their door or track packages that have been delivered, answer their Ring device phone calls or make video messages for friends and family members.

To connect your Ring device to Google Assistant, it’s essential that you be signed into your Ring account and have an Android smartphone or smart speaker compatible with Google Assistant. Navigating to the Ring service page, click “Link to Google Assistant,” and answer a series of questions before receiving an authentication code via text message from Google to verify your ownership of this device.

2. Log in to your Google account

Integrating two smart home products from different vendors is an invaluable benefit, creating an enhanced and more immersive experience. For instance, when combined, they allow for a seamless experience – for instance if you have both a Ring video doorbell and Google Home speaker/display, using Google Home App you can monitor who’s at the door from either device!

To connect your Ring device to Google Home, first log into your Google account from any computer or phone that has the Google Assistant app installed and select which device you would like to link – for example a TV – then select which device it should link with; you will then be asked whether you wish to link your Google account with your Ring device.

Before leaving your computer unattended, always log off of Google before signing out of your Google account to protect it and allow access only from you. Doing this will prevent other people from accessing it and reveal all connected devices to you.

3. Log in to your Google Home account

Ring doorbell is an affordable smart home device that lets you see and speak to visitors from a remote location, notify people about packages or visitors arriving, set multiple users up with access and control permission, as well as connect seamlessly with Google Assistant for effortless and convenient control of its features.

However, while connecting these devices may be possible, there are a few restrictions. For example, neither device can be used to view videos on Google Home Hub displays or cast them to Chromecast as they belong to competing companies and cannot view each other’s displays simultaneously.

However, linking Google Home and Ring can provide homeowners with multiple advantages. Utilizing Google Home with your Ring device can increase security, lower energy costs and enhance convenience – just sign in using an eligible phone or tablet! To start using this feature on Google, just make sure your Google account supports it first!

4. Select your Ring device

Once paired with Google Home, your Ring device can be controlled from smartphones, Android and iOS devices and even set Smart Replies to automatically answer doorbell when you aren’t available.

Although not every feature of the Ring Video Doorbell is accessible when connected with Google Home, this device still makes for an efficient way of monitoring your home from anywhere. All video recordings can be found on its app and are time and date stamped for ease.

To connect your Ring device to Google Home, visit the Google Assistant Ring Services page on a computer and choose Send to Device. When selecting your device, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to link your Ring account with your Google account – select Link then follow on-screen instructions until done! You can also use this web page on your phone directly connect your Ring device with Google Home.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.