Creating an App Like Slack: A Guide (2023)

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App Like Slack

Build App Like Slack – Look around and see how people communicate now. And more than just ordinary people, communication in workspaces has evolved drastically in the past decade. The consideration for personal space combined with the realization that being transparent and clear with every word matters – has led to a new market appearing. 

We are talking about platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, along with the dozens of platforms designed by any Software development company Houston. The cultural shift is massive, and there is room for better opportunities. Research and see if you want to step into the ecosystem and create a similar digital product. 

Trust us. The stats are in your favor. The process might seem overwhelming, but the need for a chat platform designed to meet specific requirements is severe. Plus, the business will upscale if an app exists to help elevate your audience. Everything is connected. 

Keep reading as we disclose what it takes to create an app similar to Slack from scratch. There is a lot to cover, and we hope you find the inspiration and insights you need. Let’s start. 

Market Figures

Before you proceed with any business development plan, it is essential to research and know what the market is looking like and what current businesses are aspiring toward. There are many messaging platforms, but only a few are specifically designed for organizations. Slack had the edge over other companies in this category. 

Slack currently enables more than 700,000 organizations to communicate efficiently between their teams. And 156,000 organizations are subscribed to the app as paid customers. They get exclusive access to features. And in terms of revenue, Slack crossed $902 million between 2020 and 2021. The pandemic accelerated Slack’s growth, and we expect even better numbers in the coming future. 

It was launched in 2013, and Slack was strategic enough to evolve. We should observe that apps are supposed to keep growing as times go on. While crafting your strategy, look around, and see what the trajectory will potentially look like. 

Features You Should Implement

We want to provide a short heads-up regarding the features you need to implement in your app. It would help if you focused on individuality and being unique more than anything else. 

It is fair to take inspiration and adjust your plan accordingly. The features we will mention are the main highlights of a communication platform, but depending on your final goal, the features can differ.

Here is a closer look. Take inspiration and move forward! 

  • Profile setup: The user should be enabled to sign on to the platform quickly without any hurdles, and the option to log in through phone or social media should be easy to locate. 
  • Messaging medium: The platform is designed to help organizations communicate more efficiently. The messaging space should be customized and accommodate individual chats and group conversations. 
  • Media sharing: More than text, day-to-day navigation for users will revolve around sharing documents, videos, pictures, and other classified files. A Secure media-sharing function will help the organization communicate better without any issues. 
  • Calls: We are talking about video calls, audio calls, and a way for organizations to be interconnected. The app should include an option to call individuals or initiate a group call for a specific purpose. 
  • Sync: Data is available, and the app should be able to synchronize every contact, along with their credentials, onto the platform. Import. Once the user signs up, everything from the organization should be on the homepage. 

And there is a lot more that we can cover as well. Every app should include push notifications. 

And in this scenario, the option to customize how notifications are displayed is an essential feature. Employees should be able to take a break from reports altogether by setting a specific time or allocating certain days. 

An Android app development agency can ideally help you figure out the right set of features, but your research also matters. It will help in communicating your idea better. 

Build an App Similar to Slack: Steps to Take

Now, coming to the actual app design and development process – there is a lot to cover, but do not get overwhelmed by the number of steps underway. The process is long and hideous, but once you figure out the correct pathway and what to look forward to, everything streamlines accordingly. 

Let’s start. 

Step 1: Research and development

While we understand that Slack is the perfect example to follow, what your audience requires and how the market is currently looking matters greatly, the demographics, location, ongoing trends, communities, everything is interlinked and tied to how a consumer might behave. 

Take time and craft a blueprint where you can see how the app will help the audience and eventually upscale your business altogether. Will the app be any different? What alternative are you providing? How will you stand out? Will the features be helpful? Reflect and keep asking questions until you know what different phases will look like. 

Step 2: Figure out a budget and find a partner.

Your budget can vary depending on how complex the app is and how long the timeframe will extend. Plus, when you factor in developers, designers, and product managers, the cost mostly depends on the location they are based in. 

A front-end developer in Miami will end up charging more than one based in the GCC region or South Asia. And to be honest, there is no compromise either, especially after the pandemic with everything being global. You can quickly get in touch with NYC mobile app developers or any other specific region-based team. Research and see if you will be comfortable with outsourcing or in-house operations. 

Step 3: Move ahead with an MVP

And that is it. Once you partner up with a firm, move forward with a minimum viable product (MVP) first and test out what the app looks like. 

Run beta tests and see what the initial reviews look like. You can test how your audience will react. It will be easier to understand what features work and where you can step behind. 

In a startup scenario, precisely, you need to have a clear plan in mind to secure funding from venture capitalists (VCs). And later, you can always move ahead with a fully-fledged app. It is easy to transition through. 

Final Thoughts

Once you know who you need in your team and what platforms to look at for inspiration, the overwhelming process of designing an app from scratch becomes easier to digest. 

And in the upcoming decade, creating apps built for a specific purpose and unique in their way is easy. From real estate app development solutions to many others. We have seen how the most underrated apps have succeeded over big corporations. 

Step into the ecosystem and see where the journey takes you. Start today. 

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.