Cyber Attack: French Engineering Company Altran Tech Hit

Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity experts warned that the biggest data breach ever posted on the internet is only the start.

The trove of sensitive information that was published this week on the Internet, allowing everyone to download hundreds of millions of e-mail addresses and passwords. They will probably have an impact, as criminals try to get into people’s accounts.

Researchers say that a host of sensitive information is being transmitted on the Internet, many of which are far larger than expected.

The recent Reuters report on France’s Altran Technologies engineering consulting firm was the target of a cyberattack in some European countries. Altran said that his IT network and applications had been shut down and a recovery plan had been in place.

Altran officials say “We mobilized leading global third-party technical and forensic experts and the investigation we conducted with them did not identify stolen data or incidents of propagation to our customers.”

Iridium Satellite Operator, Ocado UK online supermarket and Network Rail in Britain. As stated above, this is only the beginning, and governments increasingly warn about the risks of cyberattacks on private enterprises, both by foreign governments and financially motivated criminals.

Take, for example, the British National Cyber Security Center announced Friday that it was investigating a large-scale hijacking campaign of the Domain Name System (DNS) that hit government and commercial organizations around the world.

The metal producer, Nyrstar, also said that he was hit by a cyberattack, which led him to shut down some of his IT systems in order to contain the problem.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.