Cyberthreat Defense Report Reveals the Top Four Cybersecurity Insights

According to Security Magazine ,the annual Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR) by CyberEdge shows the top four cyber security predictions for 2020.

1. The bad guys are busier than ever. The percentage of organizations affected by a successful cybersecurity attack has slumped over the past three years, but this year it has jumped from 78% to 80.7%. Not only that, 35.7 per cent of organizations went through six or more successful attacks for the first time ever. The number of respondents claiming a successful assault on their organization is also very likely to hit a record high in the coming 12 months.

2. Attacks on Ransomware and payments keep on rising. Ransomware is trend in the wrong direction: 62% of organizations have been victimized by ransomware last year, up from 56% in 2018 and 55% in 2017. The dramatic increase in ransomware payments is arguably driving this rise. Last year 58% of ransomware victims paid a ransom, up from 45% in 2019 and 38% in 2017.

3. The greatest question is that people are. The main obstacles to successful defense establishment are: (a) shortage of qualified IT security staff, and (b) low workplace health knowledge. These are more serious than issues such as too much data to analyze, lack of management support and budget, according to the respondents.

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4.But IT security has certain successes. Respondents say that the appropriateness of the IT security capabilities of their organization has increased in all eight functional areas. They rated these improvements as being the greatest in application development and testing, identity and access management (IAM), and by patch management and penetration testing attacking surface reduction.

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