Cynerio Announced Closing a $30 Million Series B Funding Round

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Cynerio, a provider of healthcare IoT cybersecurity and asset management technologies, announced the completion of a $30 million Series B funding round this week. The business has raised a total of $37 million to date.

Cynerio is a startup based in Israel and New York that was established in 2017. The organization has created a forum for securing a variety of technologies, including medical and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), business IoT, and operational technology (OT).

Its clinically intelligent software automates asset discovery, assisting cybersecurity teams in identifying and resolving security issues on their organization’s network.

The new funding will enable Cynerio to extend its channel program and turn its current Zero Trust solutions into a full-service security platform, allowing it to better serve its customers.

Furthermore, the funds will be used to promote growth and improve service for current customers. It will also put money into bolstering its role in North America and expanding globally.

ALIVE Israel HealthTech Fund led the latest funding round, which included current and new investors and co-investors.

“We’ll be able to continue advancing our product offerings to benefit healthcare providers, with unprecedented threat identification, preemptive protection, and response capabilities, while alleviating healthcare’s coinciding operational challenges,” Leon Lerman, CEO and co-founder of Cynerio, said.

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