Duties of Security Engineers Who Passed Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Test


Recently, Microsoft presented its new role-based certification program and there is so much in store for you.This new program involves role-based badges which were designed to equip applicants with skills for a specific job role. What is more, this program also follows a specific pathway with the fundamental level being the basis to the associate and then the expert one being at the top. There are nine certifications based on the Microsoft Azure portfolio. One of the associate-level credentials is the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Certification, a badge that validates the holder’s ability to set up secure apps and networks in the cloud and to effect security measures to protect the data. In this article, you will get to know what this badge and its associated assessment are all about and some roles of a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer.

Details of Test AZ-500 and Its Credential

An Azure Security Engineer is one of the job roles introduced by Microsoft in its new certification program. You only need to ace one test to earn your Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. The exam is mainly about Microsoft Azure security technologies and it is commonly known as Microsoft 70-487 Exam Dumps Questions. Overall, this assessment is meant for practitioners with knowledge of automation, scripting as well as threat evaluation on the Azure platform. When it comes to the details of AZ-500, to be considered for it, you will have to pay $165. And in the main exam, you will need to solve 40-60 tasks within 180 minutes. Now that you know all these facts, imagine that you are now a Microsoft accredited Security Engineer. What will your work responsibilities be? How much money will earn annually? The answers to these questions will be highlighted below.

Security Engineer Duties and Income

With the above-mentioned badge on your CV, you can land jobs related to IT security engineering in various companies using Click Here for PrepAway Web and services. As a security engineer, some of your duties will include:

  • Setting up security strategies and policies according to company regulations;
  • Performing penetration testing and intrusion detection on all networks and applications in case of a breach;
  • Monitoring the system and investigating any security breaks and issues whenever they arise;
  • Carrying out frequent security drills to create awareness to other employees about how to detect any damages and how to deal with them;
  • Coming up with best practices for data recovery after a security breach to ensure business continuity;
  • Being on the look-out for any security updates that may be applicable to the company’s network;
  • Visit URL Link Here to come up with the best strategies, policies, and regulations to protect the company against all sorts of security vulnerabilities;
  • Becoming a mentor to junior staff and any other practitioners in the field.

Indeed, these responsibilities will expose you to different components involved in the IT security discipline, and performing them effectively will help you climb the career ladder faster. What is more, monetary compensation for security engineers is also very satisfying. In general, such specialists earn $90,873 yearly as per URL here for PrepAway.


With the increase in advancements in technology and data collection comes the increase in IT security concerns. Microsoft 70-462 Practice Test Dumps Questions – PrepAway and its objectives are always up to date to match the job roles in the real world. Therefore, possessing the Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate certification not only keeps you abreast of these trends but also gives you a fighting chance when applying for job or promotion opportunities.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.