Last month, the Netherlands imposed a fine of 600,000 euros over the breach and the United Kingdom ordered Uber to pay 385,000 pounds

France’s data protection agency to fined the U.S. ride – hailing group Uber 400,000 euros (460,000 dollars) over a 2016 data breach exposing some 57 million customers and drivers worldwide to personal data.

Uber drew the wrath of users and regulators after the company waited a year before revealing that hackers had infiltrated their systems in November 2017.

The French Data Protection Authority said that the violation would have been prevented ” if some basic security measures were in place.

“Uber has already paid US authorities $ 148 million to avoid a potentially embarrassing court case and has vowed to improve its security efforts.

The Netherlands imposed a fine of 600 000 euros on the breach last month and Britain ordered Uber to pay 385 000 pounds (490 000 dollars).


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