Google News Bug Preventing New Stories from Being Indexed

According to several reports this morning, the search outcomes for Google News are partly broken for consumers as certain websites do not appear in Google News.

The issue seems to be some websites in the Google News internet version. On Twitter, users report that they can’t access their websites on Google’s primary feed, while others note that indexing is an improvement.

A couple of significant news publishers, including the New York Times and Fox News, were inspected by BleepingComputer and no new content seems to have been indexed within recent hours.



Google has verified in a Twitter thread that it is conscious of indexing problems influencing’ some websites.’

“We’re aware of reports of indexing issues that are impacting some sites beginning earlier today. We’ll provide another update when we have more information to share,” Google stated in a tweet.

Google also pointed out that some internet publishers are unable to use the Search Console URL Inspection tool. This is presently diagnosed and a fixed one is shortly to be published.

Google still has problems indexing the contents of some websites at the moment this story is written. It is worth noting that until Google fixes the problem, there is nothing editors or readers can do.

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