Gulf Information Technology Exhibition — What is Known About The Main East Technology Event?

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition
Gulf Information Technology Exhibition

If you have ever been to Dubai, you probably know that you can have a good time here. Amusement parks, beaches, huge skyscrapers, attractions, world famous restaurants and so on and so forth. But not many people know that Dubai is known not only for hedonistic tourist spots, but also for large-scale exhibitions. One of these is the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. Let’s talk about it in more detail!

This exhibition bears the abbreviated name GITEX, this abbreviation stands for, as we have already said, like this: Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. This exhibition has been held annually since 1981 and lasts one week. Imagine, for 42 years the exhibition has been held annually by the organizers, broadcasting the best achievements in the field of technology.

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition
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In 2011, the exhibition area was 65,000 square meters. Just imagine what a scale it is! The exhibition was attended by 3523 participants from 65 countries. There were 136114 visitors from 139 countries. 1400 mass media came to the exhibition. Sounds really impressive! Especially if you know that in 2012 the exhibition brought together more than 130,000 professionals from all five continents. The exhibition grows from year to year, increasing its statistics.

As part of the GITEX Technology Week, some special events are held. For example, GTEX Business Solutions is internationally recognized as the largest and most influential business event in the field of IT trade among corporations, as well as medium and small enterprises in the markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Another major specialized event GULFCOMMS. This event is a kind of business platform, it is focused exclusively on the telecommunications sector. Within GULFCOMMS you can see the latest data networks, mobile communications and applications, next generation networks, IP technologies, satellite communications.

GTEX Business Solutions
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Another specialized event is the GITEX Network and Security segment. Here you will find a wide range of security tools for corporate networks, business processes and information banks (biometric technologies, antiviruses, software and hardware protection).

GITEX e-Government is one of the most interesting sections of the exhibition. Here you can get acquainted with the latest technologies that make communication between the government and the people closer and more innovative.

As for GITEX Mobile Apps World, here, as the name suggests, you will find everything innovative that is related to popular applications for mobile. Nice experience to be here!

The Consumer Electronics – everyone will be interested here, because each of us uses household appliances in one way or another. By coming here, you will get acquainted with the latest inventions in the field of household appliances and see future bestsellers before anyone else! What an amazing opportunity!

As you can understand, GITEX is well known all over the world. A huge number of IT industry professionals from around the world come here every year, which makes the exhibition very attractive in the eyes of the international community.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.