How Can One Prepare for PMP Certification Course?

PMP Quick Pass Guide
PMP Quick Pass Guide

Every company tries to excel in the field of project management. Successful completion of projects within the stipulated budget and time means effective utilization of resources and an increase in productivity which results in achieving the project goals and attainment of a high Return on Investment (ROI). However, it is easier said than done, as many companies incorporate poor project management practices and face losses worth millions of dollars. More often, the success of any project depends largely on project managers. So, companies that employ skilled project managers are more likely to witness better business growth.

Now you may wonder how companies identify professionals who have exceptional project management skills. While there are many factors involved in doing so, one of the steps employers take is checking if the candidate is PMP certified or not. PMP, or the Project Management Certification, is the credential that demonstrates your skills in bringing a project to successful completion. If you are a PMP certification holder, employers will understand that you have the expertise in managing the resources, people, processes, and priorities of a professional project. This certification is offered by the prestigious Project Management Institute or PMI and can be achieved by passing a rigorous exam.

Today, PMP has achieved such global recognition that people look for the Best PMP certification training course to prepare for the exam and pass it on a single try. If you are searching for ways to prepare for the PMP certification exam and choose a reputed course for the same, then this article is for you. We have shared some useful tips to help you prepare better and invest in a right training course.

Ways to Prepare for PMP Certification

The PMP certification tests your knowledge in specifically three areas – people, process, and business environment. People refer to the skills of a project manager to effectively manage their team members, map their skills to the right project tasks, and ensure everything goes smoothly. The process mainly refers to the methodology adopted for accomplishing the project goals. Project managers become capable of deciding whether the predictive, agile, or hybrid approach works for the project at hand. Business environment refers to how effectively a project manager is able to impact the overall strategic organizational goals through the project.

Note that you need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria to appear for the PMP certification exam. You need to hold a bachelor’s degree, accomplish at least 60 months of work experience in project management, and undergo 35 hours of formal project management training in order to qualify for the exam. The 35 hours of formal project management training can be waived off only if you hold a CAPM certification beforehand.

Let us now look at some of the ways to prepare for the PMP certification.

First off, you need to dive into the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition, as the PMP exam is based on it. PMBOK means Project Management Body of Knowledge, and it makes you familiar with all the terms and concepts used by the communities the world over. Next, you need to create a study plan and allot a dedicated time period for each domain covered in the exam. Make sure you stick to the plan and do not miss out on any important topic.

If you feel you can’t study independently to prepare for the exam, then it is better to enroll in a PMP certification training course. Nevertheless, PMP formal training is part of the eligibility criteria, and there are very less chances of people being CAPM certified. Learning from a PMP-certified instructor will help you get proper training. Lastly, when your preparation is complete, appear for the mock tests. These simulation exams give you a look and feel of the actual test and analyze what areas you are good at and those which need more focus. You will also understand how to manage time for each question.

Selecting the Right PMP Training Course

Fortunately, you don’t need to do a lot of research to identify the best PMP training course available. PMI has Authorized Training Partners that deliver high-quality PMP training which is aligned with the PMP exam syllabus. All you need to do is visit the official PMI website and enter your location. You will get a list of PMI Authorized Training Centers to choose from. Moreover, they will fulfill the required 35 hours of mandatory project management education. You can also select the class slot at your convenience.

Both self-paced and Instructor-Led training options are available for aspirants. In self-paced learning, you will be given access to pre-recorded videos that you can follow remotely and prepare for the exam. In Instructor-Led training, you will appear for live virtual classes through video conferencing, and an experienced trainer will teach you the concepts of project management. Further, pre-recorded videos are also made available to them for future reference.


So, now is the right time to pursue the PMP certification and reap the various career benefits associated with it. With the ongoing digital transformation, the demand for project managers has never been higher. Moreover, the profession is associated with high paychecks. A PMP certification on your array of skills will further improve your earning potential and lead to better career growth.


At the end of the article, we recommend you move further in your PMP® certification because project management principles and processes will adapt to your organization’s environment. Simplilearn online learning offers a program in PMP. For more information, go through our course on the Simplilearn website.

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