How Did Solitaire Game Appear?


What do you do when you want to kill time? Some people decide to read a book or go for a walk. Others prefer to come back to one of the most popular games in the world which is Solitaire. It is a relaxing way to spend time in an interesting way developing different strategies. You can choose Solitaire online or also enjoy Solitaire card games with a real deck and even organize tournaments with friends and family.

But, are you curious to know how this game started? If the answer is “yes”, then keep reading this article and find more about it.

Solitaire Game History

Even though everyone celebrates Solitaire Masters Google Play ’s 30th anniversary, this game has actually more lasting history. People have been playing it with real cards long before the personal computer appeared. It was discovered for the first time in Germany, so this country is considered to be its place of origin where everything started back in the 18th century. Then, classic Solitaire became extremely popular in France as well at the beginning of the 19th century. French people called it “Patience” or “Tableau”. Considering that Solitaire involves a lot of patience and strategy, this name is well-deserved.

From France, Solitaire immediately transitioned to neighboring countries, especially to the UK. Its popularity grew exponentially and it soon became one of the most played games in the world attracting people of different ages, professions, and status in society. Even Napoleon seems to have spent hours playing Solitaire while being in exile in St. Helena island.

Card Solitaire — Turning into a Computer Game

While the original Solitaire appeared some centuries ago, the appearance of the personal computer revolutionized this game completely. Microsoft dared to introduce it in their Windows versions including not only general type but also specific ones like FreeCell and others. However, today there are about 250 options of free Solitaire to install on your PC or mobile devices.

Coming back to the history, the game quickly became the favorite activity for not only those having a lot of spare time but also many sales assistants and other employees who got bored at work and didn’t know how to kill their time. Billions of people around the world have played diverse variations of Spider Solitaire Card Game since the 1990s and continue to play it even today.

Even though the producers try to catch the new generations with more modern Solitaire games to play, the initial versions continue to be popular. Klondike, FreeCell, or Spider hold their place on top of the most preferred variants. Such a variety makes it possible for you to choose the most suitable ones.


There’s no surprise that Solitaire managed to pass the test of time. Even though people are busier today and always in a hurry, they continue to play Solitaire to relax and have some fun. Considering the fact that this is a game that appeared in the 18th century, we can say it has an incredible performance of still being interesting for players worldwide. So, download the version you like the most and join the community of Solitaire players!

Jennifer Thomas
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