How India Unlocked The Gaming Market Potential?

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One of the entertainment industries that is on the rise is the gaming industry. Not only in India but all over the world, this industry is on the rise. For many people, video games hold a particular part in their lives and many of us enjoyed playing classic games on Windows XP when there didn’t use to be so many gaming titles available.

Nowadays, there are tons of gaming titles available and it seems like everyone wants to get into action and be a gamer. India is a country where gaming, especially online gaming is on the rise. People are getting crazier and crazier over different online gaming and there are various reasons behind the rise of the online gaming industry in India:

A Wide Range Of Gaming Options Available

The gaming industry now has a wide variety of games available from which gamers can choose and play. This has provided Indian gamers with a wide range of gaming options to play. With such a huge variety, there is a game available for everyone and it is not difficult to find the right games for yourself. You can easily find games that will match your interests and suit your needs.

There are classic games which are still very popular, as well as puzzle, simulation, arcade, and battle royale games which are very popular in India. With such a huge variety of games to choose from, it is no surprise that the Indian population is becoming more & more attracted to online games.

Affordable Smartphones

One of the biggest reasons why online gaming is on the rise in India is the easy accessibility to smartphones in the country. The Indian smartphone market has achieved new heights in the past decade and smartphones have now become more powerful and cheaper. India needn’t rely on any other country for smartphone manufacturing as the country is itself capable of manufacturing powerful, efficient, and affordable smartphones.

There was a time when gaming used to be a luxury that only the rich were able to afford but not anymore. Nowadays, anyone can easily buy a smartphone as there is a smartphone available in every price range. The decrease in the prices of smartphones and smartphones becoming more powerful in terms of hardware and software has led to the rise of online gaming in India. With pre-installed apps such as ShareMe on all Xiaomi mobile phones, sharability becomes easier.

Cheap, High-Speed Internet

The cheap Internet is another major contributing factor to the rise of the online gaming industry in India. In India, you will find some of the cheapest internet services in the whole world which has led to online gaming becoming more and more popular. Currently, India ranks #5 in terms of the cheapest internet service around the world. High-speed 4G internet is provided at extremely cheap rates in the country even in rural areas, with the cheapest 1 GB internet being provided in the country at $0.05 or nearly INR 5.

This cheap and easy availability of high-speed internet has led to more people playing online games and opening a new world for Indian gamers. Along with this, the Indian network providers also provide various discounted internet packages due to which high-speed, stable internet is no longer a monetary issue for people.

Reliable Online Payment Methods Available

There are some online games, especially mobile games that require users to make in-app purchases in order to get in-game rewards. In India, there are various reliable payment options available which have also contributed to the rise of online gaming in the country. Previously, Indian gamers didn’t have access to reliable digital payment methods but in the last decade, as e-commerce became popular throughout the country, it led to the introduction of various online payment options and mobile wallets due to which making online payments has become easier for Indian gamers. Gamers can unlock new features and enjoy rewards without hesitating to pay online.

A Large Population Of Youngsters

The Indian population consists of the majority of young people. India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% of its population below the age of 25. In 2020, the average of an Indian was 29 years of which millions of mobile users have installed GBWhatsApp in their smartphones which makes communication and socialising easier to talk about the new trends of the internet.. These numbers show that the country has a large population of young people, who like playing games.

Because of the aforementioned reasons and factors, the online gaming industry is on the rise in India. As the technology further grows and more realistic games will come, India’s gaming industry will skyrocket.

Mark Funk
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