How Real Estate Companies Successfully Use Technology?

Companies Successfully Use Technology

Technology is becoming a part of our daily lives regardless of the sector we work in; hundreds (if not thousands) of homes are filled with smart technology, and there has never been so many people owning mobiles and laptops. However, there is one industry in particular that has picked up the trend of technology and has successfully been able to utilize it as well as make money from doing so. At first, people were very reluctant to admit that having business technology was better, but now many industries are embracing what they can do with it.

Today we’re going to look at how real estate companies are successfully using technology to their advantage. This includes VR (virtual reality), CGIs (computer-generated imagery) and drone footage too. You may be surprised by how the real estate industry is using this modern tech, but it’s actually fascinating to learn more.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Once considered a gaming gimmick, VR is now one of the top ways that real estate companies can sell properties. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 global pandemic, as countries across the globe have been ordered to stay indoors; it has been essential that real estate companies use VR to their advantage. How do they use them? It’s pretty simple, VR is used to help with customer/investor experience and gives them peace of mind around off-plan or under construction properties.

Essentially, if a real estate agent can’t show an investor around a property, they can virtually show them using a VR headset. What is great about this is that, providing the investor has a VR headset (or even a DIY makeshift one), they can access a property wherever, for however long they wish. VR uses computer-generated images (that have been designed by architects and designers) to showcase a property, even when it’s not been built. It makes the whole process of purchasing a property very exciting! One company who has been a success of VR viewings is RWinvest, a Liverpool based company, who actively showcase their newest developments to investors before they buy and throughout the process of construction too.

Drone Footage

Another way property companies showcase developments, and their construction process, is through drone footage. Drones can fly anywhere you wish for them too, and they can get into places we could have never dreamed of prior to them existing. Although they’re thought to be related to travel bloggers and those who make films/TV shows, they’re also very popular with real estate companies. Essentially, when properties are being built or refurbished, drones can access the building/construction site (when it’s safe to do so) and film what is happening during this time including the process of the build. Real estate and property investment companies across the world can then use this footage; they can film and showcase it to investors to show them how their investment is getting along.

Many companies also use drone footage to show city skylines, and this is often used as sales and marketing material to sell properties and their location. If a purchaser needs any convincing on whether to buy a property or not, they only need to see some beautifully designed drone footage of a city to see the true potential!

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.