How to Choose Service to Hack Someone’s Phone by Number in 2022?


It is not easy to deal with situations where the trust persisting between people has been compromised. Sometimes you may suspect a partner of wrong affairs and may want to either catch them or clear them of your wrong suspicions. You might even want to monitor your children, to keep them safe from the world.

Not long ago you would probably not know where to look or where to go. These days however, you don’t have to look too far. We have the solution to your problems in the form of Spy services or apps. These will teach you how to hack someone’s phone with just number and put an end to your issues.

There are many great services that offer Spy tools. They include Minspy, Spyic, Neatspy and many more. If you want the best app, the one with the most features and also being the easiest to use, we recommend Spyier to you. For that very purpose we will also give a semi detailed Review of Spyier.

What is Spyier?

Spyier is probably the best choice in the market right now for hacking someone’s phone. The reason for that is quite simple, it is easy to use, it works remotely and it offers so many features that you can use. It is also popular among various tech review sites like Android Authority and is available worldwide.

spyier new

Spyier contains a long list of very useful features for spying purposes. Another reason for it being our pick for best spy app is that it works equally well on both Androids and even iPhone devices. The service can be used from anywhere and works without the need for jailbreak or root. It is 100% legal.

The list of things you can do with Spyier is quite long. Spyier can be used to track a phone via its GPS or even its phone number. Spyier can also be used to monitor text messages, call logs and even social media messages of a person or device. Fully loaded with features, Spyier is a top dog of the industry.

The main features offered are:

    • Message View
    • Keylogger
    • Location tracking
    • Message viewing
    • Social media monitor
    • Browser history access

Spyier will need the target device to have online connectivity, and until a device is online you won’t receive any updates. The list of features and easy use of the Spyier service make it a very good choice as your spy buddy. It is the perfect tool to catch an unfaithful spouse or even keep a protective watch over your kids.

How to Hack Someone’s phone with the use of Spyier

To start the tracking process, you will first have to undergo a very straightforward process to set up the service on a device. It will hardly take 4-8 minutes for the process to be over with.

Step 1

Start by visiting the Spyier website. Once at the website, make an account from any web browser on any device. Provide details and pay an amount according to the kind of package you want to have.


Step 2

Spyier will work on both Android and iOS Apple devices. Step 2 differs between the two.


  •  For Android Devices


After Step 1 the service will email you a small file of 2 MB. Download that file onto your target Android phone or device. No app can hack Androids remotely. Spyier will however work remotely after the process.



  •  For Apple iOS Devices


iOS can be hacked remotely by Spyier. How to hack a phone by just its number via iOS devices by simply connecting your target device’s cloud storage to the Spyier account you previously created. You will need the details for the target person or device’s cloud account for that to work.


Successfully completing the steps above will ensure that the installation is complete. After completion it might take a few minutes, roughly 4-5 minutes for the Spyier app to start showing you the results you asked and paid for.


Step 3

Simply login to your Spyier account on any browser and witness the beauty of the service. Your dashboard on the website will contain all the tools you can ever want to track or monitor and spy on anyone whom you may suspect wrong of. You will unearth any secret someone may have.


As you can see, the app is very easy to set up for both Androids and even easier for iOS. It is also easy to remove when the time comes for the purpose to be done with. Simply manually remove the file you downloaded earlier in case of Androids and for Apple devices you can undo it remotely.

Now you can easily catch a cheating spouse, track a person who might do you wrong, catch a dishonest employee spilling secrets to rivals and even watch your kids to keep them out of trouble. All with the help of our pick for the best hack service, Spyier.


There are many great apps for hacking a phone these days but none greater than Spyier. This is why we gave a review of Spyier instead of mentioning other apps such as Minspy, Neatspy or even Spyic. The other apps work well enough, but Spyier just does everything they do much better.

Now that you have the perfect app to use, you also now know how to hack someone’s phone with just number. All that is left to do is put the app into motion. Put your mind at ease, clear your suspicions or even catch wrong doers red handed.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.