How to Ensure That Your Business is Trustworthy?


Whether you have experienced a cybersecurity incident or you are simply looking for ways to boost customer trust, proving that your business is reliable and secure is paramount when you are operating online. Customers entrust their data and even their bank details to you, and if something goes wrong, this can lead to a drastic drop in confidence that can be difficult to restore.

Shop Around for the Best Extensions and Software

Some extensions and software are more trustworthy than others, especially when it comes to e-commerce platforms and credit card processing systems, which directly come into contact with your customer’s money. To make sure that customers can come flocking back to your business, you should check the reviews and testimonials before you download the software in question or make it public. If you still have problems, you should cancel usage immediately, or hire a cybersecurity expert in order to find the issue as soon as possible.

Hear What Your Customers Have to Say

If you believe that you have done all you can and yet customers still not do have trust in your business, you should listen to what your customers have to say. As well as using feedback forms, one way to find out what your customers are thinking and experiencing is to use customer journey analytics service. This will allow you to pinpoint what touchpoints they are uncomfortable with or that are not impacting your customers in the right way, especially if you are transferring sensitive details from person to person, such as in a call center.

Treat Customer Data Well

Customers will learn to trust your business through experience, and that means that you should make sure that you are able to treat your customer data well and that you can protect it from breaches. This includes being clear with customers how you will use their data, getting them to opt-in to data analysis and storage methods, and ensuring that your business computers are backed up with security scanners and encryption.

Communicate with Your Customers

If you do experience a data breach, this does not mean to say that your business will go down the drain immediately. Instead, it all depends on how you handle the situation. For instance, businesses that communicate instantly and transparently with their customers about certain issues often find that their clients are much more confident about buying from them in the future. You can do this by posting about any issues on social media, although you should make sure that you contact affected customers directly before you do so.

Create Strict Policies

One way to garner trust and to show your commitment to security for your customers is to create strict policies. For instance, your policies should cover elements of your business such as data protection and handling. Once you have created your policies, you should make sure that you post these online and in-store in an easily noticeable spot that can be found by anyone who wants to read them.

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Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.