How to Get an Apple Music student subscription with free Apple TV+?

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All those students currently enrolled in colleges and universities which will grant you a degree, there is good news for you. You can have access to Apple music at the discounted rate now. This discounted rate would be valid for 48 months, so don’t miss your chance to make the most out of this deal. This does not stop here, and the most exciting part of this offer is that you can have access to Apple Originals with Apple TV+ for a limited time too. 

Apple Music student discount details

Join apple music as a student and you’ll have to go through quick few steps to verify that you are a student. UniDAYS is a student validation service used in this process, they will confirm that you are enrolled as a student in university and you will be getting a degree. Once you are verified from UNiDAYS as a student, then you can easily get an apple music student subscription.

Currently, this subscription is available in limited countries so before applying for that you need to make sure that the country you belong to falls under that list. 

What to do to get apple music student price?

Update your device to the latest version of iOS, be it iPod, iPad, iPhone or Mac device, make sure that these are updated. Even if you are using a windows computer, then in that case, iTunes should be updated.

If you are enrolled in a college and university and that institution grants a bachelor’s degree, post-graduate degree or equivalent higher education diploma, then you may apply for the discount. The nature of the degree may vary from country to country, for instance, if you are in Japan, then Junior, special courses or technical colleges are also eligible for it.

How to subscribe to apple music for students? 

Student life is a very crucial stage and one should find out ways to make the most out of this phase. It is challenging in all aspects, be it emotional, physical or social but one should always learn from experiences and grow as a person. It is better to act smart at this stage and look out for all the ways which can help you to grow and save time on small tasks. A lot of students got their academic essays written by EduBirdie, which allowed them to take care of other things. Take help from speech writing services to get things done in minutes instead of spending hours on them.

If you already have a subscription for apple music but want to switch to student subscription, then you need to follow the following steps.

Open Music App

To start with the apple music student subscription on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, mac device or any other android device or windows system, you need to open the music app. 

Start the trial as a student

Once you open the app, tap on the trial offer. One trial is allowed per person or family. Choose the student option and tap on “Verify Eligibility.” 

Verify as a Student

Instantly a browser window will open, which will redirect you towards UNiDAYS website where you’ll be required to fill in all the details. To verify your enrollment, follow all the onscreen prompts. Once UniDAYS verify you as a student, you’ll bounce back to the music app on your iOS device or iTunes to avail windows student discount. 

A process with your Apple ID

Now you need to log in with your Apple ID credentials to verify that you want to make the purchase. If you already have an Apple ID then use it else you’ll need to create a new one to proceed with Apple music subscription.

If you have two-factor authentication on your Apple ID, then you need to fill in the verification code, which is shared with you via a text message or email. 

Add Valid Payment Method

If you are asked to share your billing information or add a valid payment method, then click on ‘Join’ to proceed. 

Agree to terms and conditions to continue with the final prompt. 

Binge Watch Apple TV+ 

Since you applied for the student discount so now, you can enjoy your free time at Apple TV+ and watch apple originals. Remember, this offer would be for a limited time, so enjoy it as much as you can. Also, this free Apple TV+ access can’t be shared with anyone so only you would be enjoying all the shows.

Currently, Apple TV+ is not available all over the world and certain regions and countries can avail it for the moment. Make sure to check the list of countries before proceeding.

Students get different discounts and offer from time to time, and they should make wise use of these offers. Avail student subscription or go for Hulu student account so that you can spend your free time in a relaxing manner. Follow the basic steps and proceed with the account. Spending some time on yourself is not a bad idea and students should not confine themselves to write papers or assignments. 

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