How to Invite People to Follow You on Instagram?


There are a few different approaches you can take to attracting followers on Instagram, such as using the Instagram Embed, Facebook or Twitter Ads, or attending “followforfollow” hashtag events.

Consider inviting only friends who you trust, to minimize any chance of privacy breaches or data theft.

Share Your Content

One of the easiest and most effective ways to gain followers on Instagram is through sharing your content. There are various methods for doing this, but make sure that the posts you share are both relevant and engaging for your target audience. When sharing posts, include a call-to-action in each one; whether this means asking people simply to “like and share”, or more specifically asking them to follow you for a chance at winning!

One way of expanding your Instagram following is to utilize its built-in feature of syncing mobile phone contacts with your account, enabling you to automatically invite them to follow you. Simply click on the menu and select ‘Find & Invite Friends”. After doing this, a pop-up window will ask if Instagram can access your contact list before showing a list of contacts that can be selected as potential followers on Instagram.

Once you have selected the contacts you would like to invite, a pop-up window will show a link to your Instagram profile. When someone clicks this link they’ll be able to view photos and videos posted by you; if your account is private they will need to send follow requests first before being approved.

Increase your Instagram following by promoting it across other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This can be accomplished by linking back to Instagram from these accounts in your bio or sharing posts from Instagram on these other networks.

Finally, to increase your chances of attracting new followers on Instagram and spread awareness of your business on their platform, create Instagram-exclusive promotions or contests for your business. This will give your target audience an incentive to follow you and may even lead them to share it across their own accounts!

Send a Text

Instagram allows you to send direct messages (DM) directly to people who don’t follow your account, making this feature extremely useful for businesses. For instance, selling products can use Instagram DM to invite people over and make a purchase; additionally, answering any follower inquiries could give your brand an edge over rival brands who may not provide such level of customer service.

To utilize the Direct Messaging (DM) feature, tap on your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the screen and open up its menu with multiple options. One is “Invite Friends”, which enables users to share links via text messaging for busy professionals; another option, “Email,” allows business owners to email links directly to customers for direct communications purposes.

Utilizing Instagram Direct Message (DM) feature to invite people from other social media platforms is also an effective way to gain new followers if you already have an established following elsewhere. Be mindful with whom you invite though as spamming people with requests won’t do.

Instagram provides numerous methods for you to encourage people to follow your account, with some more effective than others. One approach is creating engaging posts or stories that showcase your content while asking people to follow you; another option is using the Instagram Embed option which allows you to display recent posts anywhere online or social media platform.

If your Instagram account is private, only followers and approved follow requests will appear as followers or requests on it. If in doubt as to who’s following you or not, check their profile to see if there’s an “Follow Me” button; if none exist then decline their request immediately.

Third-party apps like WhatsApp or SMS allow you to invite others to follow you on Instagram. But sending too often may come across as spam; to avoid any potential offense, only invite people you know.

Send an Email

Instagram is one of the world’s most widely used social media platforms and can help promote your business or brand in various ways. Additionally, it connects you with like-minded individuals around the globe. That’s why inviting your friends to follow you is important if you want to grow your following and build new connections – whether this be via the platform itself, email invitations or third-party apps such as WhatsApp.

To invite someone to follow you on Instagram, simply click your profile picture at the bottom right corner. This will bring up a menu with options to follow, message or delete your account; receive notifications about comments or followers; as well as view who follows you and view their list. Alternatively you could select “Find Friends” which allows you to see all those who have followed you already!

If you want to expand your Instagram presence, hashtags are an effective way of doing just that. They allow users who share similar interests to connect and can open up opportunities with new people and businesses. But it is crucial that the appropriate hashtags be used, particularly current trends that might attract more followers.

Increase your Instagram following by promoting it across other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Doing this will enable you to reach a wider audience and expand the possibilities for growth. Similarly, using Instagram’s embed feature can display recent posts directly onto websites as another effective method for drawing in new followers and encouraging them to follow you.

Sending direct messages is another effective way of encouraging new followers on Instagram. Doing this allows people to personalize their response, showing that you care for each one individually while making them feel special on your platform.

Share Your Link

Attaching a link to your Instagram bio can be an effective way of encouraging others to follow you. Feedlink makes this easy; all it takes is one clickable link directing people directly to your account! You could also use posts and stories as an additional incentive.

Your Instagram link can also be shared via emails and text messages, which works great if you want to invite multiple people. Just keep in mind that doing this could be considered spamming; only share if you know the person being invited; otherwise you risk breaking privacy rules.

To share your Instagram link, open up the Settings menu on your phone and choose ‘Find & Invite Friends’. This will open a page where you can browse your list of Facebook friends who have yet to join Instagram; select those you would like to invite by selecting their names from that list, and Instagram will send them an invitation – once accepted they will appear under your “Following” list.

Instagram allows its mobile app users to invite friends to follow them through its invitation feature. In order to do this, first synchronize your contact list with Instagram account before selecting people from that contact list you would like to invite and clicking ‘Invite’ button; they’ll be taken directly to a page where they can accept or decline it.

Instagram bio links provide an ideal way to introduce your product, service or cause to new followers. Many brands utilize this feature as a promotional vehicle – BigCommerce utilized their Instagram bio link to lead followers directly to a landing page with complete information regarding their Cyber Week trends report.

Use hashtag events on Instagram to encourage more people to follow you and increase audience growth, as this allows you to connect with similar-minded individuals interested in similar subjects. They’re an ideal way to grow your following base!

Mark Funk
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