How to Report Someone on Discord?

How to Report Someone on Discord
How to Report Someone on Discord

If you’re a member of any online group, you’re going to get into some disagreements with others and feel compelled to report someone. You can report anyone in Discord in a variety of ways.

Make sure you have a good cause to report someone and that your reason qualifies as a report under Discord’s community guidelines or the regulations of the server you’re on. If someone has broken either of these rules, reporting them shouldn’t be a problem, and it’s more likely that they’ll face consequences.

On Discord, here’s how to report someone.

Making a complaint to a server moderator
If you discover a person breaking a server’s rules or Discord’s own guidelines, the first thing you should do is report the user to the server’s moderator. This is the simplest method of reporting, and it is more likely to result in immediate action against the offender.

To report someone to a moderator, follow these steps.

Look for a moderator on the server by looking at the roles of the server’s members and looking for a user whose position is “moderator,” “admin,” or otherwise a role that suggests they’d be in charge. If you’re not sure, ask around to see if anyone knows who the server’s moderator is.

Send a private direct message to the moderator outlining the situation, and if possible, including screenshots or other proof of the problem and the user in question.

Discuss the problem with the moderator and see what steps they may take to remedy it.

If the moderator does not reply or does not take action to resolve the issue, you might consider contacting Discord’s Trust & Safety team, which can help with issues with anyone on Discord and in any community. If the user in question isn’t from any of the servers you’re on, this is also a viable alternative.

Discord Trust & Safety: Reporting Someone

You’ll need to be in developer mode on Discord to report someone this way. Here’s how to turn it on so you can start reporting:

  1. Log in to your account on Discord.
  2. Select the gear-shaped settings icon in the lower left corner next to your username.
  3. Turn on Developer Mode in Advanced > Developer Mode.
  4. Obtain the User ID of the individual you wish to report, as well as any proof of the problem, such as screenshots.
  5. Select Trust & Safety from the options on Discord’s Submit a Request page. Then complete the form with the rest of your information and click Submit.

Make sure to give as much detail as possible about the situation, and include the user’s ID number as well as your proof. You can include a description of the occurrence as well as any attachments in this section.

What Happens After a Report Is Submitted?

Once you’ve sent a report to a server moderator or Discord’s own team, the problem is now their responsibility. They’ll be able to take action against the user you reported if any of them thinks it’s necessary.

This could result in the user you reported being banned, as well as their IP address being banned, making it impossible for them to create new accounts. If the crime isn’t considered serious enough, the moderator or Discord may just issue a warning to the user.

It’s also feasible that the user will experience no consequences. If this happens, it’s because the circumstance wasn’t considered a violation of the server’s or community’s rules. If this occurs, but the user continues to be problematic, you may need to wait and keep an eye on them so you may acquire further evidence of their actions.

Additional Steps to Take

If the user is directly causing you grief in any manner, you can simply mute or block them so that they can’t contact you any longer. To mute someone, right-click their username and choose Mute from the drop-down menu.

You will no longer be able to read their messages in a server channel as a result of this. The user will be able to reach you via private direct messages, though. You’ll have to block the user instead if you want to avoid this.

To block someone, right-click their username and choose Block from the menu. If you’re friends with them on Discord, this will prevent them from contacting you. You won’t be able to read their messages on a server’s channel, just like you won’t be able to mute them.

However, this may not be a complete solution to your situation. If a user realizes that you have blocked them and is intending to be malevolent, they can still start a new account and contact you that way. In this scenario, though, you’ll be able to gather more information that will aid you in reporting the user and preventing them from making new accounts to harass you.

On Discord, you can report someone

When deciding whether or not to report someone, make sure they’ve clearly broken community guidelines or server rules. If you double-check this before reporting someone, they’ll be more likely to be blacklisted.

It can be frustrating to have disagreements with others online, so if this is an issue for you, attempt to deescalate the situation yourself. Whatever happens, remember that there are always choices for resolving the issue.

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