How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Secretly?


Are you suspicious your kids may be chatting with the wrong person at their age? You can now rely on technology to spy on someone’s text messages secretly online. Online phone surveillance apps make this possible.

However, not all phone surveillance apps can deliver on their promise. Some require compromising the target phone to make it all possible. Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting for you and found a very reliable spy app.

In this article, we show you how you can spy on someone’s text messages secretly. Please read on to find how the phone surveillance app works and what to expect from it.

Neatspy – The most innovative spy app

As a reputable phone surveillance app, Neatspy allows you to spy on both iOS and Android devices. It is among the latest phone surveillance apps that are available across the world.

Besides, it has attracted the attention of major media outlets such as CNET and Tech Times. If you want a reliable app to spy on someone’s text messages remotely, then check out Neatspy.

Neatspy intro

The app comes with over 30 phone surveillance features that make it spy on anything besides text messages. With Neatspy, you can spy on social media chats and posts remotely. Check out this link to visit Neatspy official website.

What makes Neatspy unique?

Besides offering more than 30 surveillance features, Neatspy provides much more capabilities. Below are some of the unique capabilities that make Neatspy a remarkable spy app.

  1. Works in stealth

All the text surveillance activities in Neatspy take place in the background to avoid detection. To avoid your target device from noticing your surveillance activities, Neatspy doesn’t interfere with phone performance.

On Android devices, Neatspy requires one-time access to install the app on the target device. After installation, the app automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in installed apps.

What’s more, the Android app can be uninstalled remotely. To spy on text messages on iOS devices, no installation is necessary. The app only requires the iCloud credentials used on the target device.

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking necessary

With Neatspy, you won’t have to jailbreak iOS or root Android devices to spy on text messages. Rooting or jailbreaking a device is a technical process that requires technical know-how. However, Neatspy has overcome this drawback.

Neatspy is among a handful of surveillance apps that don’t require compromising the target phone. Rooting or jailbreaking a device compromises its security leaving the user vulnerable to malware.

Besides, it voids the warranty of the device. Also, the process of rooting or jailbreaking a device is time-consuming and is not discreet at all. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this with Neatspy.

  1. Safe and reliable

With Neatspy, you are the only one who can access the contents on your dashboard. Also, the app doesn’t gather data from third-party apps so it doesn’t save it on its server.

This way, it guarantees the data security of the target device user.

How to spy on someone’s text messages secretly using Neatspy

To use Neatspy for spying on someone’s text messages secretly, it takes a few easy steps. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Start by visiting the official Neatspy website to signup for the service. During the signup process, you will get to choose your login credentials. Also, make sure you choose a package that meets your needs.

Neatspy user settings

Step 2: Configure the target device. For an Android device, you need to install the app on the device. The app will disguise itself on the target device. For iOS devices, no installation is necessary.

Rather, you will need the iCloud credentials used on the target device. The app will use the iCloud backup to spy on text messages on the target iOS device. Provide the credentials and verify.

Step 3: After finishing the configuration process, Neatspy will let you exit by clicking the Finish button.

Step 4: On your computer or smartphone, log in to your Neatspy dashboard. Here, you will have access to all the features you need to spy on your target.

Neatspy login

Step 5: On the scroll panel to the left, click the Messages tab to spy on your target’s messages. The app will show you all the incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device.

Neatspy message

You will get to know who your target is chatting with and when. Neatspy gives you access to the contact your target is in touch with.

Some amazing Neatspy features

Here are some of the remarkable surveillance features you get with Neatspy.

  1. Text message and social media surveillance

Neatspy provides a discreet way of spying on your target’s text messages. You will get timestamps for all outgoing and incoming text messages on the target device.

Neatspy app

What’s more, it backs up all the text messages including deleted ones. Also, Neatspy can spy on social media chats and posts. So, you will be able to spy on social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

  1. Location surveillance

With Neatspy, you can spy on your target’s whereabouts. The app gives you even the real-time location of the target device. It lets you access the location history of the target device.

Neatspy map

Also, it includes a geofence feature that sends a notification if the target crosses a set boundary. With Neatspy, you will be able to know if your kid leaves school and at what time.

  1. Keylogger feature

The keylogger feature makes it possible to record all keystrokes on the target device. This way, you can capture details such as usernames and passwords of the target device user.



Spying on someone’s text messages requires a discreet way of accomplishing this. Today, there are multiple spy apps that make it possible to spy on your target. Check out Neatspy to spy on your target’s text messages discreetly.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.