Hy-Vee issues warning to its Customers about point-of-sale violation

Hy Vee

Hy-Vee Supermarket Chain issued a customer warning this week after employees discovered a safety violation of some of its point of sale (PoS) devices.

The company said that hackers may have recorded card trades in Hy-Vee fuel pumps, coffee shops and restaurants (Market Grilles, Market Grille Expresses and Wahlburgers).

“We believe the actions we have taken have stopped the unauthorized activity on our payment processing systems,” a Hy-Vee spokesperson said.

PoS systems installed in the most popular food stores, pharmacies and convenience stores of Hy-Vee were not affected. The company said that the data processed on these pos systems was encrypted and “unreadable,” and that payments made via Aisles Online, the Hy-Vee web-based transaction system, have not been impacted either.

Hy-Vee quoted the early stages of his investigation as the reason why he was unable to say the precise fuel pumps, coffee shops and restaurant sites.

Later on, when it learns more, the company promised to update.

While it is one of the largest US supermarket chains with over 250 stores, Hy-Vee warns customers that they believe that their card data could have been swiped to regularly check card statements for suspicious transactions.

“If you see an unauthorized charge, immediately notify the financial institution that issued the card because cardholders are not generally responsible for unauthorized charges reported in a timely manner,” it said in a message posted on its official website.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.