iGaming and Sportsbooks Lead the Way in Online Security


Online security is now an integral selling point for companies that offer online services and payment systems. With the threat of cyber attacks ever-increasing, news ways online fraudsters invent to con people out of their hard-earned cash, and an army of hackers selling people’s personal information to cyber-crime syndicates, priority number one for any website to expect customers to interact with it has become online security. And one industry to take an example from is online gambling.

If ever online security was a concern or a target, it would be the vast array of online sportsbooks and casino websites out there. However, both industries are booming with customers nearly all satisfied with the online security systems their operator provides. To see how this often-scrutinized industry has earned itself a reputation for being one of the most secure for online services, we break down their security systems.

10-Steps-To-Cyber Security

One of the best guidelines, which has now become more of a rule book, is that of the 10-Steps-To-Cyber-Security created by the British government. Many online casinos now follow these online security tips because they are required to gain an online gambling license to operate in the UK market, which just so happens to be one of the largest for online gambling in the world.

What makes this rulebook so sophisticated in creating safe and secure online service websites is that it not only covers system security from an IT perspective, it also includes rules from a human perspective. It is the human input on these systems that can often cause a security breach, and the 10-Steps-To-Cyber Security makes sure companies are aware of this. Visit starburst slot online to start with your casino.

From creating secure ‘customer service’ systems for the support staff that help sport betting customers to how the IT staff running the gaming/betting servers should also be monitored. For example, take Bet365, a famous UK sports bookie. Its staff has secure logins, secure server rooms, and data centers with full CCTV security that are all part of the jigsaw puzzle meaning Bet365 is safe to use!

HTTPS 128-Bit SSL Encryption

As with any eComm store, a social media website, or any website that wants to trust, online casinos and sportsbooks use the ‘HTTPS’ protocol and not the standard ‘HTTP’ that used to be popular. What does this mean, though?

Every time a customer connects to the website, a secure encrypted tunnel is created between the gaming/betting server and the customer’s device. On the outside, a hacker would need to penetrate this encrypted tunnel to see the data flowing to and from the server and site member. Contrariwise, if this connection is using an ‘HTTP’ standard protocol, then a hacker can literally capture the data packets and easily strip them down according to sequence to gain information.

Secure Customer Services Systems

When someone calls the customer services department or connects via a live chat, most of the time we assume the customer services agent can see all our details.

Name, surname, address, password, and so on. Well, in fact, this is not true. The customer service agent only has small snippets of relevant information. Their screen is mostly blank boxes, and they ask you for information to fill in these blanks, and the computer system confirms you provided the agent with the correct information.

Most other information is hidden. You then explain your issues or what you need help with, and if the customer service agent has authority, he/she will assist, and if not, the situation is escalated to a 2nd line support team. What’s more, is that all these agents are fully background checked by the casino or sportsbook as the only fit and proper persons are allowed to work within this industry.

In summary, you can see that the online casino and sports betting industry is one of the most secure you can interact with. Now, most eComm stores can open and operate without any checks or licensing, while the online casinos and sports books have to pass stringent licensing tests which require passing the 10-Steps-To-Cyber-Security.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.