Is Cybersecurity Fun?


Is Cybersecurity Fun?- Because of the importance of the work, the fast speed of change, the challenge of solving problems, and the numerous career prospects accessible to them, many experts regard cybersecurity to be engaging and entertaining.

Let’s delve a little more into why cybersecurity jobs are enjoyable for those who perform them on a daily basis.

Why Cybersecurity is Enjoyable

Reason #1: Cybersecurity is important work that makes a difference

Cybersecurity breaches are unwelcome news. They are ongoing, increasingly complicated attacks on every area of our economy, with the potential to have a detrimental impact on every part of our lives. One cybersecurity expert I spoke with described them as “wicked,” but said he enjoyed being on the front lines of cybersecurity because he felt like he was making a meaningful difference.

There are undoubtedly some jobs out there that aren’t particularly vital or have a significant positive impact on the employer. You might even know someone who has a job that appears nearly pointless, and whose employer wouldn’t notice if they didn’t do it. That isn’t the case when it comes to cybersecurity jobs. Many cybersecurity professionals regard their work as critical, similar to how a doctor or teacher would aspire to regard their work. These cybersecurity experts see their work as an important element of a larger mission to protect something or someone safe. And being a part of this endeavour is something they enjoy.

Reason #2: Abundant opportunities to advance and grow

The rapid advancement of cybersecurity is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, keeping up with all of the new technology, breaches, updates, and changes that occur on a daily and often hourly basis can be challenging, if not impossible. On the other hand, because new technology is constantly evolving, there is always a new talent or speciality to learn and master. Some cybersecurity professionals take full advantage of this and use it to further their careers. They can assist guide their careers towards new areas on a regular basis by being willing to learn a new technology that a firm or a client is rolling out. Many forward-thinking cybersecurity experts take advantage of the opportunity to learn new technology not just to keep their jobs safe, but also to specialise in new areas that they will like. There’s always a new technology that can keep things fresh and interesting if anything they’re doing becomes stale.

Reason #3: Every day in cybersecurity is a new adventure

Okay, I’ll admit that cybersecurity is an adventure every day. There are days when everything seems to be the same. However, much of the work that these cybersecurity specialists conduct would not be deemed boring by any means in many cases. Several of the cybersecurity professionals I spoke with acknowledged that the new challenges they faced on a daily basis were what kept their professions interesting. They said that no two days are ever the same for them, and that there is always something new that crosses their desk that they find interesting and intriguing.

As a cybersecurity specialist, you may discover that your job has several components. You might feel like a detective working on forensic investigation work on a breached system or studying a problem at one point. The next day, you might feel more like a network technician, diagnosing common issues and offering network users with customer assistance. In a separate scenario, you could be an analyst advising a manager, business owner, or customer on cybersecurity. Different cybersecurity responsibilities provide variety in the workplace, which some cybersecurity professionals like.

Reason #4: Cybersecurity work can be extremely challenging

I worked as a construction labourer when I was a teenager. There was no need to ponder about the task. It didn’t take long for the lack of mental stimulation in the job to start bothering me. I despised the sense of being unable to think. Having easy job every day, year after year, would quickly get tedious. One of the interesting aspects of cybersecurity mentioned by the pros I spoke with is that the enormous challenge is what makes it fun for them.

There are some cybersecurity scenarios that are really challenging, stressful, and important, but the best cybersecurity professionals seemed to like them the most. Having work that is occasionally extremely challenging and puts their skills to the test allows them to demonstrate to themselves that they are capable and talented professionals, and the experience of navigating a difficult cyber situation and emerging victorious on the other side makes their jobs enjoyable. And this is understandable. Everyone wants to feel competent and accomplished, and cybersecurity employment delivers that challenge.

Reason #5: Cyber has a great community of professionals

Cybersecurity experts told me that networking with others in the area is something they like doing, and as a result, the cybersecurity field offers a tremendous community of like-minded professionals to connect with and learn from. Some professionals find the field of cybersecurity enjoyable because of the sense of community and camaraderie. When you’re working in the realm of cybersecurity, sharing battle stories and insights with others might help make your job more enjoyable.

Reason #6: Support for cyber projects

This one caught me off guard, but it makes sense. One of the professionals I spoke with mentioned that one of the things that makes cybersecurity enjoyable for him is that he receives a lot of support from management and customers, including financial assistance, for his work. This is due to the fact that those individuals recognise the significance of cybersecurity.

Certainly, two things have happened in the field of cybersecurity in the last five years. To begin with, cybersecurity has become a household term that most people are familiar with. A half-decade ago, this was not the case. Second, businesses have understood that cybersecurity protection is no longer a choice. It is now a permanent element of their budget, despite the fact that it was once considered optional.

For many cyber professionals, this development has produced a situation in which they are receiving the assistance they require to carry out their tasks efficiently, and this, they claim, is what makes their employment enjoyable.

Reason #7: We are the first generation of cyber warriors

Another one I wasn’t expecting to hear, but it makes sense once you do. Cybersecurity is a relatively new concept. Twenty years ago, it didn’t exist in anything like its current shape. As a result, any existing or soon-to-be cybersecurity professionals are part of the field’s pioneering generation. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, and nearly everyone else has been around for a long time. Professionals in cybersecurity are not among them. As cyber professionals, we are on the cutting edge of something completely new, which some people find exciting. One cybersecurity expert expressed his delight at being a part of the “first iteration of this new science.” When you think about it, that’s quite fantastic.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.