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IT Service Desk Metrics- IT professionals enjoy measuring and reporting, but it can be challenging to identify what to track at times, resulting in decreased focus and productivity. We at ITarian understand the hassles and problems connected with service desk metrics, so we’ve devised four components to make statistics easier to measure:

  • Your objectives are in line with those of the company.
  • Stakeholders should be informed about IT service desk metrics.
  • When possible, use graphics.
  • Keep track of your progress.


Performance goals should be aligned with corporate objectives, which can be difficult to achieve. Because most businesses want to get things done quickly, the time-per-ticket scenario can be challenging. This could indicate that the Helpdesk replies promptly to others but does not complete the issue before closing it. Customer happiness may be jeopardised by the goal of getting things done quickly, which is a no-no.


Reports should be tailored to the needs of the stakeholders so that when you distribute them, they receive the information they need and stay out of your business. It takes time away from work and might be frustrating if you have to attend a stakeholder meeting to explain yourself.

You may create visuals to accompany your reports with our IT service desk software, making them easier to interpret for some users. While some people prefer raw data in the form of a list, the majority prefer a helpful line graph to make things easier to comprehend and view.

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Keep Score

When it comes to reports, make it short but informative. You don’t take five minutes to tell someone how you’re doing when they ask. “Just a little fatigued,” or “I’m fine,” is what you say. The scorecard, as it’s known, should include what you’re measuring yourself against as well as a simple way to communicate your success to others. To learn more about our IT Service Desk, please contact us.

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