Let’s Figure Out Where Are the Best Rates for Crypto

Crypto Currency

Today, there are so many online and offline places to buy cryptocurrency. The good news is that in the last few months, a huge amount of new investment has been made across the crypto market. As a result, cryptos are now doing remarkably well. However, this investment often comes with a price. This price normally boils down to two things — rates and fees, specifically.

In this article, we look at what investors can do to find the best rates and the lowest fees. And here’s what makes this more difficult than it might seem at first.

Best Crypto Rates — How to Find Them?

Finding the best crypto rates is going to be a tricky endeavor. Most places that buy and sell cryptocurrency work based on a delayed rate. This means that while Bitcoin might actually be at one price, the platform’s rate might not reflect that price accurately. 

There are three things that investors should be looking for. The true rate is the first one. It is normally displayed on graphs that move in ‘real time’. Here, the emphasis is on real time. If you have graphs from leading exchanges side by side, you will likely notice differences. This is because many exchanges incorporate their own trade volumes in their prices to some degree.

The next two things are the buy and sell prices. These can vary greatly among exchanges. Typically, when asking where to find the best rates, it is this that most investors will be looking at. Buy and sell prices are vitally important, especially when trading low volumes or where potential profit margins are small.

Finding the Best Rates

The real-time pricing across exchanges may be slightly different, but all in all, these differences should be small and insignificant. If you find an exchange with the rates wildly deviating from the norm, then it is best to avoid this place. Also, if the prices are much better than you can get elsewhere, there is likely something suspicious going on behind the scenes. And in the crypto world, that means a scam.

Buy and sell rates are set by each crypto marketplace, and they often try to be as competitive as possible. The problem is that different vendors will have different operational costs. As a result, some will not be able to remain as competitive as others. So, the only way to figure this out is to trawl through the rates and comparing them side by side. For example, if you are looking to convert BTC to TRX, you have to research the market for exchanges that support such a swap and see which has the most profitable rates.

But this leads us to the final point: rates will be affected by fees.

Fee Structures

If there’s one thing that will drive you a little mad as a crypto investor, it is a fee structure. Often, fees are hidden or masked. It is especially frustrating when it comes to working out profit margins. 

A good crypto vendor will be clear with its fees. It will show them to prospective investors before they commit to buying or selling. Of course, if a vendor has high fees, then it sometimes provides very competitive rates. But this can ultimately cost investors much more than if they had used a provider with less competitive rates and lower fees.

In other words, you must do your homework to get the best rates on cryptocurrency. Once you have found an exchange that you like, keep track of the changes they make. Ensure also that you are shopping around if they make detrimental changes. There are many investors who stick with an exchange for the sake of convenience. But they sometimes end up paying a lot of money because the exchange of their choice has become uncompetitive.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.