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MacOS Monterey wallpapers offer a stunning and peaceful way to display your device. Apple began this tradition eight years ago with Mavericks and continued it with Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and Mojave by featuring real photos from California locations in their default wallpaper.

Apple made waves this year by opting for an abstract illustration instead of real photos to represent Monterey. That left YouTuber Andrew Levitt, videographer Jacob Phillips, and photographer Taylor Gray filling in.


Apple provides wallpapers to match its latest operating system release each year, which can be set across devices running the same OS version and set in various ways – you may choose from Apple’s selection or add custom photos using Photos app; dynamic wallpapers that alternate photos on various displays is another possibility.

With the release of macOS Monterey, Apple decided to break from an eight-year tradition by not featuring an actual photo as its default wallpaper. While some were dissatisfied by this change, others appreciated how Big Sur and Catalina artists have worked tirelessly on designing an absolutely breathtaking scene for your Mac desktop desktops.

If you want to set a dynamic wallpaper on your Mac, select System Preferences then Desktop & Screen Saver from System Preferences and open Desktop & Screen Saver in its lefthand sidebar. From there, click Folders icon for thumbnails of dynamic wallpapers; simply click any one to set as your desktop background. Rotate button can shuffle through them or Randomly mix them up randomly if you prefer.

At WWDC 2021, Apple released the inaugural macOS Monterey beta wallpaper. While many found its abstract illustration of Monterey Bay attractive, many users found that its quality fell short of previous landscape wallpapers included with macOS releases such as Big Sur and Catalina. Luckily, those behind those images are back with many more compelling landscape pictures that look fantastic both in Light Mode or Dark Mode on your Mac.


Every time Apple releases a new version of macOS, they include stunning wallpapers that look amazing across devices ranging from desktop computers and iPhones/iPads to smartphones and tablets. Usually with themes tied into their name like Big Sur or Monterey OS versions. This year’s wallpaper offering is called Waves; featuring simple geometric forms with a pleasing color palette.

Change up your scenery from mountains with this gorgeous and serene image of Big Sur Coast near California, perfect for Light or Dark modes. There’s also a Dynamic version which changes throughout the day from sunrise through dusk and nighttime!

Find your wallpaper by opening System Preferences, choosing Desktop & Screen Saver and then the Wallpaper tab. From here, you can browse all the various wallpaper options and choose one to use as your background image. In addition to choosing from these options, you can also adjust how the photo fits on your display, for instance by filling, Fitting to Screen or Centering it etc.

Apple designers crafted the Mac OS X Monterey wallpaper. No information regarding their participation was made publicly available, though you can download this HEIF or JPG formatted wallpaper directly from Apple.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can even set your wallpaper as the home or lock screen image automatically switching between light and dark versions depending on which mode is being used – especially useful if you have multiple displays.

Your wallpaper can also be changed via System Preferences by selecting the Desktop & Screen Saver icon and choosing from either your library of pictures, or searching the Search field for something specific. Furthermore, you have the option to set an automatic rotatable wallpaper depending on time of day/wakeup/bedtime cycles or when you awake/go to sleep.

Dynamic Wallpapers

Apple provides still images and swatches as part of their operating system, but third-party dynamic wallpaper apps provide another layer of creativity for your Mac desktop display. These applications can shuffle through or apply a single picture at regular intervals to your wallpaper, as well as synchronizing with Light/Dark Mode settings for even greater effect.

One popular dynamic wallpaper app is 24 Hour Wallpaper, which provides landscapes and cities throughout the US and abroad for you to select as wallpaper images. Their library features such iconic locations such as Mojave Preserve and Joshua Tree National Parks.

Unsplash wallpaper service provides another free resource. Providing beautiful free images donated from photographers worldwide, Unsplash wallpaper offers an curated selection of stunning free pictures for desktop background. While not offering dynamic images like Flickr does, its collection provides a good way to browse a variety of different styles.

There are also Mac os montery wallpaper apps that provide users with dynamic desktop backgrounds by rotating through or applying dynamic pictures as wallpaper. These applications are lightweight and run in the background, making them an excellent choice for users who don’t wish to spend too much time searching or setting a wallpaper themselves. Utilizing AI technology and algorithms for efficient wallpaper creation process – users only have to enter an input prompt and the app will create visually captivating wallpaper for Mac computers!

These apps take advantage of Apple’s HEIC image format, introduced with iPhone X and later models, to offer users interactive photos that feature short video clips known as Live Photos that play when opening them and moving maps showing where the sun currently is over time.

Dynamic Wallpaper Club and Solar Wizard are two Mac apps that offer simple ways to convert personal pictures to HEIC images, with Dynamic Wallpaper Club serving as a webapp that offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for creating dynamic wallpapers for your Mac computer. Once satisfied with the finished result, download it as an HEIC image file onto your computer as an HEIC file and use this as a wallpaper image!

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