Mobile Service Desk

Mobile Service Desk

Mobile Service Desk- As of 2015, there were 1.3 billion workers who could work remotely from anywhere on the planet. According to similar research, at least three out of five employees do not need to be in the office to work. We recognise that employees do not require or desire to be tethered to their laptops and offices. This gives you the ability to work wherever you choose, including cafes and hotels, but it also creates a dilemma for IT. You’ll constantly require assistance for all of those employees, and they’ll have issues at some point. A mobile service desk may be the solution.

Offices Are Overrated

People can now use their smartphones and tablets to work. Instead of being tethered to their office with a desktop or even dealing with the weight of a laptop, they have little laptops that they can take with them wherever they go. However, because your employees are out in the field, they require services and support, which presents a new problem for the ServiceDesk: allowing users to maintain their mobility while being productive.

Global Service Desk

How Does It Work?

Our product can help with a mobile workforce because they can:

  • Any device can be used to create a ticket.
  • The ticket will be formatted automatically.
  • If agents have access to a device, they can see tickets wherever they are.
  • Agents can shut and look up tickets no matter where they are.
  • Administrators can keep an eye on agents no matter where they are.

It may surprise you to learn that each employee carries around three devices, all of which can be used for work. They may use a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, as well as a variety of other mobile devices. As a result, having a service desk that can accompany them wherever they go allows the IT department and employees to be more productive.

What is a Mobile help desk?

A decent mobile help desk app will provide the same resources and capabilities that agents have on their PCs, but it will be optimised for mobile use.

What is Mobile help desk software?

A mobile help desk is a set of customer care solutions that allow agents to execute their tasks more efficiently while on the go. A mobile help desk is often made up of a mobile app that brings the functionalities of your company’s help desk software to a small screen. A decent help desk mobile app will provide the same resources and capabilities that agents have on their computers, but in a mobile-friendly style.

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3 benefits of a mobile help desk

Every service desk option does not include mobile capabilities. However, a product with a mobile app can provide significant benefits to your agents and, by extension, your customers.

Agents can work from anywhere

Businesses were scrambling in the early days of the coronavirus epidemic to figure out how to offer employees access to the tools they needed to work from home. The problem was less straightforward for organisations that used goods that already had mobile access. Agents can access all the information they need to execute their jobs efficiently on whichever device they have on hand if you have a help desk that provides support for all device types.

They can access the company’s knowledge base from any location and quickly discover the answers their customers require. When things return to normal, your agents will be able to utilise the same mobile app to provide customer support from waiting rooms or during their morning bus journey, allowing them to get more work done.

Keeps customer data unified

The degree to which a customer is satisfied is frequently determined by the circumstances. Agents don’t simply need to know about the customer’s present problem to create a great customer experience. They must be fully informed about their business relationship. Agents may access the most up-to-date customer information from any device with a well-designed mobile help desk. They can see what items the customer owns, what previous troubles they’ve had with them, and the status of their current ticket.

7 Secrets Of Top Performing Mobile Apps

They can also update customer data in real time at the mobile service desk, ensuring that the next agent who works with that customer has the most up-to-date information as well.

Faster response times

When a customer request comes in, your agents aren’t constantly seated in front of a computer. In recent years, one of the most significant customer service trends has been the expectation of speedier response times.

When all of your agents have the ability to respond from their phones, they will be able to resolve difficulties more quickly. Before they return home, an agent out for a stroll can receive a notification on their smartphone when a customer need assistance and access the ticketing system to fulfil their demands.

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