NS1’s Intelligent DNS & Traffic Management

NS1 dns

The goal of NS1 is to unlock DNS ‘ability to deliver the tech that poweres our customers and the world. We are the industry leader in applications and services for DNS and traffic management, and our clients include the biggest assets and biggest online companies, such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Squarespace, Pandora, Imgur, Yelp, Dropbox, Riot Games, and many more. Our modern DNS technologies allow automated delivery of applications, couple in the tooling and processes of today’s DevOps organizations through our APIs, and deliver reliability and performance globally. We run a highly tuned worldwide Managed DNS network, and also offer our services as single-tenant device installations to customers. In the most mission critical areas of their stack we address extremely difficult problems on behalf of our customers.


  • Free plan – up to 500 thousand queries and 50 records
  • Business – up to 25 million queries and 1,000 records – $200/month
  • Pro – up to 500 million queries and 2,000 records – $1,000/month
  • Enterprise – over 3 billion queries and a custom number of records – $5,000+/month
  • Details: https://ns1.com/pricing/
What is DNS Attack and How Does it Works?
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