React Native vs. Swift: what to choose?

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When it comes to developing an app, we sometimes get confused about choosing the different languages available for developing our app. We have often heard the question stating which one is better among the languages; especially there’s a massive competition among and confusion among React Native and Swift. 

Well, here in this article, we’ll be discussing which one to choose between React Native and Swift based on the piece by Topflightapps as it is an excellent guide; so, as you might know, that these platforms are used to create exceptional native apps that would run smoothly on iOS or Android. Both of these frameworks need different skills and resources to build. The framework you choose has to benefit you both financially and technically. So let’s go ahead and know about their features so that you can decide which one to use.

What is React Native, and how was it formed?

React Native is an open-source framework for Android and iOS that is created and powered by Facebook. This platform is compelling and lets you build fast and robust mobile apps for Web, UWP, iOS, and Android.

React Native powers AppleTV, which is based on iOS. This platform was born out of need. There was a time when Facebook depended heavily on HTML5 to make and deliver a cross-platform occurrence to their users, but the issue was that HTML5 was slower than the rest of the native apps. After a lot of hard work, React Native was created. It serves as the bridge required to deliver a seamless experience for users of both Android and iOS.

What is Swift, and how was it formed?

Swift is the official framework used for building apps when it comes to Apple products. It is created as a one-stop platform to build iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS apps. Apple uses this platform to develop its products, which are to be released in the future. It works as an improvement from Objective- C.A. 

Apple had developed Swift to produce most of its hardware. Swift is built to support the power and capabilities Apple has to offer. Swift is updated regularly by the company. They have many of their apps written using Swift 3 and Swift 4, but the most recent version is of Swift 5. The apps which were made in Swift 3 and 4 continue to work effortlessly on their new phones.

Features of React Native and Swift: React Vs. Swift

    • React Native apps have a larger file size when compared to Swift apps.
    • React Native needs more maintenance than Swift.
    • React Native has adequate memory allocation where Swift lacks in that department.
    • Swift has more CPU usage when compared to React Native.
    • Both Swift and React Native support third-party libraries.
    • Swift is more optimized than React Native to build complex enterprise apps. 
    • React Native is a new platform and is not as mature as Swift. React changes very fast and might not last long.
    • Everything you can do in Swift can be done in React Native as well.

Variables to consider before choosing between React Native and Swift

Well, there are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the best for you. So, to help you with that following is a list of the things you need to focus on before deciding. 

    • If you are making an app for Apple-based products, Swift is the ideal platform for you.
    • If you are making an app that is for Android, you should use React.
    • Both platforms take the same time for marketing.
    •  If you need expert developers, it is easier to find a React developer than a Swift developer. As there are more React Native developers than Swift developers.


To wrap up this article, we hope that you know the significant differences between React Native and Swift by now. It is up to you to decide which one you should choose, as we’re only here to guide you to choose the best. You must select one that meets all your requirements. We feel React Native is a better platform than Swift as it is ideal for Android and iOS. Well, if you still want to choose Swift, you can because it’s suitable for iOS.

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