Send Fax Online Free Via Google (Updated 2022)

Send Fax Online Free

Despite many advanced communication devices, traditional fax is still common today. It has been a major communication method to exchange sensitive information in the past. People are diffident to shift from former technology to a new one as they’ve got used to old devices. Learning new systems is not a cup of tea for everyone as it requires time and patience. 

However, people no longer want to get bulky fax machines and a landline connection just to transfer one document. Fax is still commonly used but the ways of using it are changed. Hardware equipment is no longer needed to exchange faxes. All you need is an internet-capable device to start faxing.

What is Google Fax Service Provider?

Well, if you are planning to get rid of fax machines, you should know about online fax services first. Fax machines were based on analog technology as sending and receiving faxes were followed by analog signals. Therefore, fax machines are not compatible with advanced systems as they work upon digital mechanisms.

Google products are based on digital techniques. They send information by breaking it into bits. However, the fax was designed using analog procedures. By using Google fax services, you can use any latest communication device to send and receive fax directly without any additional hardware tools

Google fax services work as an interpreter between different communication devices. These services continuously convert digital signals into analog and vice versa. Thus ensuring a trouble-free transmission of fax between fax machines and contemporary systems.  

CocoFax, a Free online Google Fax service

CocoFax is a well-reputed fax service provider, to send fax online free Google, as Google Fax Free indicates, a famous fax blog that contains detailed information about top-notch fax services. It is being used by millions of people worldwide to get to know local and international faxes online. 


According to Google Fax Free, many large business firms rely on CocoFax to share confidential information. CocoFax adds a layer of professionalism to business communication with added security. Freelancers are also adapting CocoFax to exchange sensitive data over the internet. 


CocoFax has vanished the need for fax machines as you can send and receive fax online without setting up any hardware. CocoFax has made online fax possible along with all of its security features. The online fax solutions by CocoFax are elaborated in the next section of this article.

  • The email-to-Fax solution of CocoFax

CocoFax has made fax easier by introducing an email to a fax solution. You can use Google products to send online faxes directly. There is no need to invest in fax machines. Setting up fax papers and toners is not a chore any longer.


Read this step-by-step guide to send a fax directly from your Gmail account

Step 1: Signup with CocoFax

Register your CocoFax account from the official website of CocoFax. CocoFax offers a free trial for 30 days to new users. You can subscribe to fax packages at the end of this trial period. 


Enter a valid email address as it will be used for direct sending and receiving of faxes with CocoFax. You can get a vanity or toll-free fax number without any extra charges after registering with CocoFax.


Step 2: Compose Email

Open your Gmail account and compose a new email. Sending a fax from email is just like composing casual emails yet the difference lies in the sender’s address. You should add at the end of the receiver’s fax number and enter the To field. If the fax number is 12345, you should enter

You can attach multiple files to send them as fax including pdf, xls, doc, png, and jpg. Multiple files are amended into a single fax document so that you don’t have to send them one by one. You can also enter multiple fax numbers by separating them. This saves the hassle of sending emails one by one to every recipient. 


Fax title could be provided by typing in the Subject area of the new email. You can provide a cover page of the fax document by entering relevant details in the email body area. CocoFax attaches these text details to the fax document at the receiver end. 

Step 3: Send Email

Hit the Send button once you are done with the above steps. These emails are received by CocoFax servers first for converting them into Tiff file format. Afterward, the faxes are forwarded to the receiver’s fax machine as new file formats are not supported by fax machines. 

CocoFax sends automated alerts for successful and failed faxes so that you can check the errors and resend them. Most of the documents are not sent due to any special characters as attachment names or entering the wrong fax number. You can manage these messages from your email inbox.

You can also share Google Drive files using CocoFax. No need to download them and email them to send as a fax file. Just open the file and enter the receiver’s fax number. CocoFax rigs the receiver’s fax machines and delivers your files as a fax document.


Receiving Fax to email using CocoFax

After creating a CocoFax account, you don’t have to follow any further steps to receive a fax to your Gmail address. All faxes are sent to your account automatically even if your devices are turned off or not connected to the internet. 

Most of the time, fax is sent as an attachment to email so that you can save it as well. The fax sent and an email includes sender details as well. These faxes appear in your email inbox as a pdf document. 


  • Web-based Google fax solution of CocoFax

The web-based solution of CocoFax comes up with added security and portability. You can use any web browser to access CocoFax. All web browsers support CocoFax so that you don’t have to install any plug-in to make it compatible. There are no more fax machines to set up for transfer faxes. Grab any handheld device or laptop and start faxing.

To send fax from Google web browser using CocoFax, Signup with CocoFax from the official website to get 30 days free trial and a free fax number. You just have to open the CocoFax dashboard to start Google fax online.


Click on new fax and compose a fax document online using CocoFax. You can provide a fax title, cover page and file attachments using the CocoFax dashboard. Enter the receiver’s fax number and send the file as fax online. You can track fax transmission from the CocoFax dashboard.


Receiving Fax to Google web-browser via CocoFax

Receiving a fax with CocoFax web-based solution is easier and convenient. Open the official webpage of CocoFax and login to your account. Navigate to CocoFax inbox from the dashboard and all received faxes will appear shortly. The sender details are attached along with the received faxes. CocoFax web-based solution could be opened from a laptop, Mac, Android or iOS device. 


CocoFax is the world’s leading online fax service due to its security, adaptability and portability features. You can get economical subscription packages and get the benefit of online faxing via CocoFax. It relieves you from the hassles of buying fax machines and getting landline connections. Grab any smartphone or laptop and begin faxing online using multiple Google fax services of CocoFax

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